Last Minute Trick or Treat Goodies for Blue Pumpkin Ideas

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It’s last minute, you’ve just found out you’re supposed to have trick or treat bags for the school party tomorrow. But there’s a catch. Because of allergy issues, it’s best not to take candy or food of any kind. Or, you need options for blue pumpkin ideas on Halloween.

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What are you going to do?

Even Amazon can’t get them to you in time.

So now you have to scroll pinterest and maybe Etsy for a last minute idea because your brain can’t come up with anything.

Unless you had a place you could go that had ideas, instant downloads, and easy directions for last minute crafts, gifts, and activities.

That’s exactly what The Printables Club is.

I want you to know something about this club: you don’t have to come up with all the ideas all the time anymore.

The Printables club was created so that you have a place to go when last minute things arrive.

And see, you don’t have to come up with everything on your own. Each month an email is sent to members letting them know what’s new in the club, and ideas on how to use them, and what’s coming in the months ahead.

4 Last Minute Trick or Treat Games for Blue Pumpkin Ideas

Now, let’s talk about what the blue pumpkin is. Don’t worry if you didn’t know, I didn’t either. But it’s important to know what it is around Halloween. If you see a blue pumpkin it means the house has non-candy treats for kids with nutritional needs. You can read more about the blue pumpkin and how it relates to autism as well on this good housekeeping post.

All of these ideas below for trick or treating are perfect for blue pumpkin ideas as well as being the perfect answer to last minute needs.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a great game because you can pair it with almost anything small and use those items for the game. If you still want candy, add that too. Here I used small skull erasers in two different colors.

halloween tic tac toe
Halloween tic tac toe

Would You Rather

This would you rather game is the perfect conversation starter while walking to all the houses.

would you rather game
Trick or Treat Game: Would You Rather Halloween Edition

Witch Hat Match Up

This is a game you can play later when you’re done trick or treating. Cut out all the hats on the dotted line. Mix up all the pieces and turn them upside down. Flip them over two at a time and try to get a match. When you get a match, take them off the playing space. Person with the most matches when they’re all gone, wins!

witch hat matching game
Halloween Matching Witch Hat Game

Halloween Jokes

You can never go wrong with cheesy jokes. Pair these with matching tattoos, rings, or any other fun Halloween character goodie.

printable halloween jokes
halloween jokes for trick or treating

Snag all the Games for Blue Pumpkin Ideas in The Club!

printable halloween games for blue pumpkin ideas on a white background
Use printable games as a trick or treating alternative

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