The Flamingo Party Theme

Summer might be winding down but it’s not too late for a flamingo party. I personally love this idea for a bachelorette party. The “last flamingle” is just too cute and fun.

Parties during the summer months are perfect for the flamingo bachelorette party I’m sharing today.  However, these ideas can always be converted to a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, grad party and more.

If it’s summer, it’s time to “flamingle”!

Today’s post is a “Let’s Flamingle” Bachelorette Party.  Below you’ll find links to purchase everything you need for an awesome Last Flamingle. I’m also showing you how to make adorable flamingo favor boxes. You can find the template for these and a couple of other boxes in the VIP Club.

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flamingo boxes

Flamingo Themed Designs

Before we get to the favor boxes, let’s talk about the different designs you can create for a flamingo bachelorette (or another party.


Whenever you’re planning any kind of party, it’s best to start with the invite. It will set the tone for the entire party. It will also help you plan the rest of the party. You’ll have the time of day, the location, etc once the invite is complete. That way you can make food choices, etc.

Finally, you can keep the theme going throughout the party decor, games, and more. It’s much easier when you have something to fall back on when deciding what other items to add. You can always refer to the invite to be sure it matches.

Fun Extras

Something that will make any party more meaningful is the extras. Now, you don’t have to go overboard. Or you can, that’s up to you. But in order for it to be less stress, stick with what is meaningful to you. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to, do it because it means something to you or the guest of honor.

flamingo party collection
Fun extras for a flamingo bachelorette party

Bag | Buttons | Tattoos | Drink Cooler | Stickers

Flamingo Party Boxes

Now, speaking of fun extras, these cute flamingo boxes are the perfect way to give out favors. Find the template in the VIP Club.

Flamingo party favor boxes- how to!

How to Make the Cutest Flamingo Boxes for Any Party
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