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10 Easy Printables to Help You Plan an Adorable July 4th Gender Reveal

When Summer is here that means July 4th BBQ’s are here in the states. A July 4th Gender Reveal is a great way to celebrate two events with one party, something I love doing. If you’re expecting and you want to announce the gender around the 4th of July then why not combine the two with this fun theme? 

Today I’m sharing 10 easy items to help plan your July 4th Gender reveal.

You don’t have to spend days or even hours making these items, let us do it instead. I’ve designed each of these products below to make life easier. Simply send over your details and the products are created and sent to you within 2-5 business days.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links I may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, without any extra cost to you. It helps keep the lights on. Thanks for your support.

10 July 4th Gender Reveal Products

Announce the Party

The first thing you’ll need to do when planning any party is announce it right? Yep. Therefore, to start us off for a July 4th gender reveal is invites and voting cards.

1. Invite

First up as usual, is the invite. I’ve got three different designs and sayings below. Red, white, and due; pop, bang, boom; and stars and stripes and sleepless nights!

July 4th Gender Reveal Invites

2. Cast Your Vote

I personally love this next idea. Have guests at the party cast their vote for boy or girl with these fun “official ballot” themed cards.

Official Ballot Cards for Gender Reveal

Decorate the Party

Once you’ve invited guests and had them cast their vote, it’s time to decorate. My two favorite items are below. But you can also find, plates, cups and napkins here for more decor.

2. Sign

The first thing your guests will see is the front door, so welcome them to the party with the sign below. Completely customizable, just include your details and we do the rest.

July 4th Gender Reveal Welcome Sign

3. Cake Topper

Toppers are always a good and really easy idea. Get many for cupcakes or just one for a cake.

July 4th Gender Reveal Toppers

Decorate Mom-to-be & Guests

These next few items are all wearable and all able to be customized right online. Just use the links below to find the templates.

4. Maternity Shirt

The mom-to-be definitely needs a shirt to announce her new firecracker.

Maternity Shirt for 4th of July Gender Reveal

5. Sibling Shirt

If the new baby already has a sibling, then be sure to grab something for them too.

Patriotic Shirt for the Sibling

6. Buttons for Guests

Have guests at their reveal display whether they think it’s a boy or girl with these voting themed buttons. You can customize them online with the name of your party.

July 4th Gender Reveal Buttons

Create Fun for the Party

This next category is to add that extra special touch to the party.

7. Fans

I don’t know if it’s really hot where you are on the 4th, but it’s definitely hot in Texas. I’ve designed these fans with that in mind. How fun would they be at an outdoor BBQ?! Personalize them online.

4th of July Themed Fans for Gender Reveal

8. Game

You may already have plenty going on, what with celebrating the new baby and America, and may not need a lot of baby games. However, diaper raffle cards are always a good idea and appreciated. Download this “red, white, and due” one below for free, or order prints in our shop.

July 4th Themed Diaper Raffle Cards

Say Thank You

Finally, you’ve got to say thank you, right. I’ve designed these tags to go on any type of favor you choose.

10. Favor Tag

Personalize these favor tags online by using our template.

July 4th Gender Reveal Thank You Tags

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