How to Stencil and Adorable Rug with a Printable

stencil with a printable

Yes, I used a printer and a piece of paper to create this stencilled rug. You don’t have to run out to Hobby Lobby for a stencil you’ll only use once. Plus, they’re lines are out of control there, just stay home and print it.

stencil with a printable

Here’s how it’s done. It’s really so easy this is going to be super short.

3 Steps to a Stencilled Rug with a Printable

  1. Print the printable. I used the coloring sheets from my printables club. I printed one larger and Then I just cut the word love out. Easy Peasy. Use an xacto knife for more precise edges.
  2. Place the word on top of the rug.
  3. Use a sponge brush to paint in any color.

That’s really it! I’ve got a video below to walk you through the steps.

3 Steps to paint a rug with a printable

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