How to Shop Small this Holiday Season without the Stress

how to shop small

Learning how to shop small…Sounds like a great idea, right?

But then you’re busy. The big companies are just easier. 

I get it! I love Amazon too. (Side note: there are ways to shop on Amazon while supporting a small business too!)

So how do you find the small businesses? Spend hours searching Etsy?

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Don’t add more stress to your holiday just because you want to shop small. Something I hear all the time from family, friends, neighbors is, “I didn’t know they sold that stuff, I would have gone to them.”

Well that’s all changing this year. I’m making it my mission to make shopping small easier. 

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Learn How to Shop Small

From Today, December 1 to December 20 I’ll be sharing items that you can buy that will support a small business. I’ll be updating this post every day with new items and sharing them on my Facebook page as well.

how to shop small

And no, it’s not just mine. I’m sharing the love this year because well all need that.

If you don’t want to miss out on these great shops and products, then go here >>> facebook page. Yes, I’m plugging my page.

What Items Will You Find Here for Shopping Small?

Good Question. The answer is really unique ones! However, I’ve divided the items into 7 categories. The first being Christmas prepping, which I’m sharing right away. The others will follow. All will be shared before December 20.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Christmas Prepping

What do I mean by Christmas prepping? I mean all those fun things you do to get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Countdowns

This year, I really got into the Christmas Countdowns, like these below. Each one comes with removable numbers.

Holiday Cards

One super easy way to shop small is for those holiday cards. Not only can you go straight to the source (i.e. someone like me who prints and sells them) but there are also bigger companies that sell artists designs.

Companies like Zazzle or Minted sell designs from independent artists. Now, it’s always best to go to the source, but if you are in a pinch, these are great options because the artists will make a little money too.

Christmas Clothing

Do you love to wear your Christmas spirit? One thing that is great about bigger businesses is that when they partner with the smaller businesses. There are a lot of places out there that will pay for designs. Spreadshirt is one of those businesses. Check them out for holiday shirts.

Christmas Ornaments

Finally, decorate the tree with these ornaments from small businesses. Zazzle is another place that pays artists for their designs. Plus, they have loads of different products. You’ll hear me talk about them a lot.

Use holiday photos to make ornaments each year
Make your photos into cute ornaments to be used year after year.

2. Wellness

We all need a little more wellness this year. If you’re ready to give the gift of pure bliss, don’t miss this section.

Essential Oils

Do you love essential oils? Check out KikiMarie Apothecary. These three unique blends below are perfect for the holiday season. Get support when you need Stretchy Pants, make Bad Decisions, or have trouble with Boundaries. Buy as a set or individual. Or shop her other blends in rollers, bath salts, and balms. I’m partial to the calm balm.

holiday themed essential oils
Set of three essential oils perfect for the holidays or any time you’re hosting.

Hand-Tied Malas

If you love essential oils, then this next one is also for you. Brandie’s Hand-tied malas are so lovely. These lava stone malas allow you to put drops of oil on them so you have those lovely scents all day. Brandie has personally made all of my malas and I love every single one. They are beautiful and help me with my anxiety. She has many different ones from necklaces to bracelets with a variety of stones as well.

Hand-tied mala
Shop hand-tied Malas for various ailments or because they’re beautiful

Vegan Skin Care

This small business, Alli Rejuvenating Skin is 100% all natural vegan and organic skin care products. Ali only uses essential oils for her scents and minimal ingredients. All products are hand made in small batches too. I’m loving this variety set where she lets you choose your scents!

vegan bath scrubs
All natural, vegan bath scrubs in a variety of scents

Herbal Facial Steam Collection

Treat your skin to an at-home spa experience. These facial steams do not contain any added fragrance or preservatives. They are simply, herbs.

Each bag provides a full month of steams and is perfect for sharing with friends for your own little at-home spa day party.

herbal facial steam
Give the gift of an herbal facial steam this holiday.

Peace Amidst the Mayhem Book

I’m pretty sure that we could all use more Peace, especially this year. However, did you know there are actual step-by-step directions for this sort of thing? Yes, there are. Marielle Melling is here to help with her book Peace Amidst the Chaos.

You can be calm, confident, and compassionate in any circumstance. In Peace amidst the Mayhem, through insights, inspiring true stories, relatable research, and practical tips, you will… 

  • Gain clarity about the principles that lead to inner peace.
  • Discover and increase understanding about specific beliefs, desires, or habits that block feelings of peace.
  • Recognize the powerful choices you can make to claim your own lasting inner peace.

Inspirational Card Deck

Use these gorgeous cards by Charlotte Taylor Seefeldt in your mediation practice. Moments to Harmony was created out of my desire to inspire others by the beauty in the world around us.  I have loved my great adventures to see beautiful sites around the world and wanted to share them with you.  So many clients always suffer with being able to focus and get still for even a moment in their busy lives.  This deck of 48 cards helps guide you into a daily practice with 4 easy steps that could be done in just a few moments of your time.  

3. Educational Kids Gifts

Looking for something different from all the toys? Toys are great, but if you want to add something unique this year, then this is for you.

Sensory Bins for Kids

Sensory bins are amazing toys for young children! Not only do they capture the child’s interest much longer than many other toys, but they also provide great learning experiences, by teaching many important skills.

Road Trip Games

This fun and creative road trip book for kids will entertain children and adults on road trips, long drives and quick trips across town. With Road Trip Games & Activities for Kids, you’ll never need to invent an activity, scour the internet for ideas or rack your brain for a game your kids will like. A mix of new family activities and familiar favorites are endlessly customizable so you can turn to this book for years to come. Best of all, you’ll stay busy making memories together—not staring at screens—so you have fun every mile along the way.

Mighty Kind Magazine

Mighty Kind is a magazine to inspire a global community of kids who care. Give the gift that keeps giving after Christmas. Plus, we can all use a little more kindness. That’s always a good idea.

Each issue of the 64-page publication is full of illustrated stories, fun activities and actionable volunteer opportunities to empower kids to tap into their natural capacity to love and learn while having fun. The high-quality, quarterly publication is geared toward children and the grown-ups who mentor them.

4. Jewelry

You can’t really have a gift guide without jewelry right? It’s always a good bet with the ladies. It’s been said “a diamond is a girl’s best friend”. However, I truly believe handmade jewelery is a girl’s best friend, acquaintance, casual friend, work friend, and you name it. These shops have such lovely pieces that are so special and will add an unique touch to any collection.

Personalized Sparkles by Angela Sims

personalized sparkles
Add a little sparkle to her wardrobe!

Copper & Wire Jewellery by Wendi Reamy

copper and wire
Copper and wire jewelry for an unique touch

Malli Jewellery by Rachel Mallis

rachel mallis jewelry
Lovely handmade jewelry

5. Family Time

We are all spending a little more time with those in our household this year and probably next as well. These gifts are for all the times together. Think games, meal planning, etc.

Games for the Whole Family

Holiday themed games are a great way to spend quality time with your whole family.

5 Fun Christmas Games for Everyone
Fun Christmas games available in The Printables Club seasonally.

Game Ledger

If you’re going to play games, then you better keep track of all the details!

Meal Planner

Have someone on your list that loves to cook? This meal planner might just be the perfect gift. It’s a gift they can use every single day of the year!

meal planner
Plan your meals and stay on budget with this planner

Figuring out what to make for dinner every night, and keeping your grocery budget under control can be exhausting! But, with the help of a meal planning planner, you can reduce overwhelm and save money.

This fun Meal Planner Gold Edition was designed by Yezmin Thomas, a financial coach and Emmy award-winning personal finance journalist, with the purpose of helping busy women take care of the household meals without feeling overwhelmed.

The meal planner will help you set a monthly budget for groceries, plan your weekly menus and grocery lists, and track your expenses. In addition, your purchase includes a meal planning video training and three bonuses to help you save money on groceries.

This portable workbook measures approximately 7×9 inches and is finished with a resistant double cover and gold wire-o. It includes a pocket to help you keep your grocery receipts organized, 12 monthly colorful and fun dividers for easy navigation, and it´s nondated for evergreen use.
In addition, this meal planner is a bilingual tool with instructions and prompts in both English and Spanish. 

This meal planning planner will make a perfect present for any busy mom looking to organize her family meals and food budget. It is also a great gift for people on a weight loss journey, keto diet, diabetes diet, and more.

6. Home Decor

Decorations for your home is always a great gift. It’s something they can enjoy all year long.

Christmas Pillows

For the person who loves Christmas so much, give them a gift they can look forward to using year after year.

Cozy Christmas Pillows
Cozy Christmas Pillows

Fine Art Signs

These gorgeous Fine art paintings by Amy Bailey are perfect for home decor. They are sure to add beautiful color to any room. Her abstract and beach inspired paintings are truly an unique gift.

fine art abstract
Fine art by Amy Bailey
beach fine art
Beach inspired fine art by Amy Bailey

Garden Art

Do you have someone on your list who loves to spend time in the garden? This garden art is a wonderful gift idea. Every time they garden this lovely, handmade gift will remind them of you. Plus, these are flowers that will never provide color to the garden all year long.

garden art
Garden decor by Kris Spencer

8. Last Minute

Finally, It’s a lot easier to shop small when you have time, right? Well guess again. Have you heard of printable designs? They’re pretty great. You download and print at home. That’s faster than Amazon Prime. 😉

Printable designs available seasonally in The Printables Club

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  1. These are so great! I especially love the cute names on those essential oil rollers. (Stretchy pants = me) Thank you for including my book, Road Trip Games & Activities for Kids! It’s a great gift for families.

    1. Aren’t the rollers amazing?! Such perfect holiday names. I can’t wait to try out your book with my nieces and nephews.

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