How to Make Photo Holiday Gifts this Christmas

how to make photo gifts for christmas

Have you ever stressed to find matching outfits, worked hard on your hair, loved all the images from your holiday mini session…

…And then do nothing with the photos?

Sure, they’re on your phone or maybe social media. Then another year goes by and you do it all again. Then 10 years go by and you don’t even know where those photos are. Sound familiar?

Is that really why you wanted photos? So you could dig through them on social media years later? Or did you want them in your home? Did you want them around you to remind you of your good hair day? Okay, maybe to remind you of your cute kids.

You can do something more with them. I’m not talking prints. I’m talking products. Things you’ll use, treasure, and even give as gifts. What if those photos became the perfect Christmas gift for Grandma, sister, or husband? You pay a lot for those photos and you work hard to get everyone together, make sure you enjoy them after.

I’m sharing how to make photo holiday gifts from those Christmas pictures you had done. These gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this season.

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how to make photo gifts

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How to Make Photo Holiday Gifts

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to photography is when people spend a lot of money on photos but do nothing with them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the yearly Christmas photo or family photo session. However, use those photos! They are more than just cards. Usually, you’ll get at least a few photos with different combinations. You can make gifts and home decor with those photos that will last forever.

If you follow my work, then you know that I love Zazzle. It’s a great place to get customized designs and perfect for those photo holiday gifts. The site also allows you to add text to your photos as well.

Blankets and Pillows

First up, there’s nothing cozier than pillows and blankets during the winter months, so be sure to use those photos for a cozy session this holiday.

full photo throw pillow
Make your photo front and central on a throw pillow.
Square holiday photo pillow
Make a simple pillow with your favorite holiday photos.

Square Pillow | Rectangle Pillow | Blanket


Next up, when it’s cold and you’re enjoying your hot chocolate, apple cider, or coffee, then be sure to use your new photo holiday mug. It makes a great gift for those grandparents.

holiday mugs with photos
Make mugs out your holiday photos for gifts this season


You can’t have Christmas in our house without a Christmas tree and loads of ornaments. Growing up, we always got a couple of new ornaments each year and I love putting my childhood ornaments on the tree each year. They reflect what I was into then and what my hobbies were for that particular year. I love this so much that my husband and I have continued the tradition. Each year we get each other an ornament and it’s a great way to remember the year. Thus, one of my favorite photo holiday gift is the ornament.

Use holiday photos to make ornaments each year
Make your photos into cute ornaments to be used year after year.

Still don’t know how to make photo gifts?

You know, not everyone wants to venture into making your own products. However, if you still want to shop small (which I think you should!) this holiday and you want something personal, here’s what you can do. I’ve got a list of places you can find custom photo gifts perfect for everyone you love. These are just a few of my favorites.

That’s a wrap (yes, I went there) on the photo holiday gifts for this post, but keep in mind the options are limitless. You can find wrapping paper, tags, games, wall art and more. These are just my personal favs.

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