Do you love to camp? Better yet, does your kiddo love to camp? Ever thought of having a camp out for their birthday party? It doesn’t have to be far, you can even camp in your backyard. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I LOVE to camp! My love of camping inspired today’s post on camping birthday invites.

My family used to go camping in Colorado every summer. And by camping I mean, in a tent, no electricity (yes, no showers), and cooking from a campfire.  

I took my husband once before we were married, and I realized that tent-sleeping-no-showering-living-off-the-campfire is not for everyone.  He’s a good sport and is happy to camp as long as he has regular access to a shower.  Men are so high maintenance!

My nephew, Scott’s first birthday was camping themed. I didn’t get to attend this one either since I lived abroad at the time, but I did get to make all the items for it. I can tell you, it’s was too, too, cute!

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How to make camping birthday invites with free printables

How to Make Invites with Printables

Today I’m sharing my five different ideas for camping themed birthday invites. So whether you need the access to the shower, or you’re happy to smell, there’s one for everyone. 

I’m also sharing recommended fonts and free backgrounds so you can make them yourself.

I’ll show you how you can make your own camping birthday invites with free printables.

But first…. the invites.


5 Camping Themed Birthday Invite Backgrounds

Each of the backgrounds to these invites are included on the Journey Junkies page. That means you can take the image, add your own text and print them. All from free printables.

Rustic Burlap Invite

This is the invite that my sister used for Scott’s birthday and it’s been quite popular ever since as well.  The burlap background is kind of standard with my designs (it just works with so much) and the teal really pops against it.

Wooden Invite

I feel like nothing says camping quite like the wooden backdrop.  I love how it looks just like a tree. Use a wooden font to really bring in the theme.  I added the green trees to add a bit of color to the invite as well.

Plaid Invite

Next up is the plaid design.  This one really says “lumberjack”. I like making the name the same as the background which gives it that “cut-out” look.

Retro Invite

I never did the camper van or RV thing as a kid but living in Australia, we did a lot.  It’s very popular over there to rent a van and hit the road. I even met another traveler who was living in her sweet van for months. There are heaps of public restrooms and places to shower for a fee in Australia, so living (or just vacationing) can be so fun! This was my inspiration for the next invite.

Classic Black & White Invite

The last idea is a classic black and white design perfect for anyone.  The graphics are simple and you can print on any color of paper.  Use Kraft paper for a rustic look, or a solid color to make them unique.

Font Recommendations

If you want to make your own invitations and have similar fonts, you’ll need to be sure you have them! I love recommending fonts I’ve used, so be sure to check these out below.

Get Started Creating Camping Invites

The time has come for you to create your own invites. But keep in mind, they don’t have to just be invites. Use the printables for decorations and more. Sign up below!

How to Make Camping Birthday Invites with Free Printables
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