How to Make a Trip with Kids Trip Easier with Printable Games

road trip games

So, you’ve decided to take a trip with kids? Good for you! Growing up, my parents took me everywhere and now that I’m older, I travel a lot with them still and my nieces and nephews. I love traveling with kids. I think it’s so fun to see places through their eyes.

However, whenever you do a trip with kids it does come with it’s struggle, even more so on a long road trip. In my opinion. You’ve got to plan meals, more bathroom stops, and entertainment. I’ve put together a road trip activity bundle to help with the in between.

Now, I think there is nothing wrong with electronics on a road trip or any time, really. However, if you’re wanting to mix it up some, this is for you.

One thing I really want you to know about printables is that you don’t have to print them. Wait, what? Yes, that’s what I said. You can download these games to your phone and save them and play from your phone.

Or, you can print them out which is also a great way to do it. In this bundle, you’ll find I’ve included the PNGs and JPEGs of the graphics used as well. This is so if you want to print it out, make it super cute, or create your own games from it, you totally can. The options are literally endless. I’m even going to show you a couple ways to use them.

I’ve got 4 games included in this bundle as well as a cute “cover sheet” and the graphics. Download them all in The Printables Club. So let’s talk games.

Road Trip Activities You Can do Anywhere

Each of these games are designed for a road trip to anywhere in the states. So no matter where you start your journey or where you’re going, you can play them on the road.

road trip games

License Plate Game

First up, let’s talk about the classic license plate game. It’s a great one that never really gets old, so why not add another twist to it? For this, if you choose to print it out, you can your kiddos color in the states as they find them during the drive. It’s always fun when a game has two purposes.

Car Color Search

Cars come in every color so see how many you find in each one during the drive. This is a game that never has to end. It can keep going all throughout the trip if you want. You’re just counting the number of cars in the different colors. Or, make it a race and see who can find all the colors first.

Road Trip BINGO

You really can’t have a game pack without BINGO. This one is for the signs you’ll see. Try to find them all, or just a straight line.

Road Trip Conversation Starters

Finally, this game is actually one of my favorite because you don’t have to use it for just road trips. Use these to get your kiddo talking. These conversation starters make for a fun way you can talk as a family. See where it takes you!

More You Can Do

Another perk of this bundle is that you’ll get the fun graphics too. The cars, individual states, and road are included. That means you can use the graphics for other ways. Here’s a few ideas to get you started

Memory Game

Print out the cars in different colors (at least two per color) and cut them out into squares. Flip them all over and turn them back up to see if you can remember where the matching color is.

How Far are We Game

Another idea you can do is to print the states you are driving from and to and then print the road and car as well. Attach a clothespin to the car and tape the states to the road in the order you’ll hit them. Each time you go through one of the states, you get to move the clothespin/car!

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