How to Love Your Spring Wedding Invites without Increasing Cost

spring wedding invites

Spring has arrived and with it the flowers. If you’re planning a spring wedding, I’m going to guess you love the flowers too. So… why not incorporate them into your invites?

No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Use floral graphics for your spring wedding invites. Side note: If you need some graphics, head to The Printables Club. I’ve got 1000s of printables inside waiting for you. This will incorporate the season without having to use real flowers. Because those can get expensive.

Each of these designs might be geared toward spring weddings, but, they could definitely be used for any journey. Adjust the wording to a bridal shower, birthday, graduation, and more.

I’ve got 10 unique designs involving different graphics and backgrounds so there’s something for every style and theme.

spring wedding invites

Spring Wedding Invites


Spring time in Texas means bluebonnets. Therefore, my first designs must feature bluebonnets. They are just a staple in the Texas Hill country and honestly, doesn’t feel like spring without them.

Mason jars are another item that’s always featured in my new products. You can download this one on the Journey Junkies page. Complete with bluebonnets.

Solid Backgrounds

Next up, is a solid background. This is great because it can be easily adjusted to every color out there. Just keep in mind that solid backgrounds take a lot of ink. So, if you go that route, maybe have someone print it for you instead of DIY-ing it.

Chalkboard is another background that pops up a lot in my designs so, of course, it’s here today. I love the way the black makes the pink flowers pop. It would do that with any bright, spring color.

Fun Accents

If you want to keep your invites a little more “funky” try adding fun accents. Such as these watercolors or stripes.

Flowers made to look like watercolors work really well for these too. They are so lovely on any background and in any color.

The stripes are not something that I do very often but with these floral graphics, I really like it. The stripes match up well with flowers. The stripes can also be changed to any color and therefore match any type of flower.


I can’t really design new invites without including rustic designs.

Burlap always makes an appearance in my designs and this is no different. I used a light color of burlap for this design as it felt more like spring to me.

Another great rustic background for the floral look is a wooden back. It can also be dark or light depending on what look you’re trying to obtain. I kept it light for this design.

Unique Shapes

My absolute favorite thing to do with designs in make them into unique shapes. They will make your invites or save the dates stand out no matter what.

The last two designs are of a different shape. This first one is square which can be a lovely choice for floral invitations.

Finally, my last design is this circular invitation. I really love this one for a floral ring. It makes your invitations stand out even more.

Make Your Own Floral Designs

That’s it for our spring wedding invites. Be sure to check our shop for the RSVPs, etc. And if you’re after save the dates, don’t worry, I have that covered too.

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