How to host a Virtual Graduation Party to Celebrate Your 2020 Grad

How to plan a virtual graduation party for the class of 2020

Before all this Covid-19 mess, I was selling graduation invites like crazy. I loved it. I love being just a small part of this celebration. Honestly, I love it more than pretty much any other holiday or “journey”.

However, my heart aches for the 2020 graduates. Many of them won’t have a graduation ceremony at all, high schoolers won’t have prom, college seniors are spending their last year possibly back with their parents.

Planning a party is (probably) out of the question for most of the grads. Therefore, I’ve decided to share ideas on how to host a virtual Graduation Party at home.

Why Host a Virtual Graduation Party

I truly believe that Graduations should be celebrated and celebrated big. It’s a great accomplishment to complete a degree of any kind. Whether it’s high school, undergrad, graduate, Ph.D, or any kind of certification, it’s impressive and it matters.

Just because we are all staying home, doesn’t mean you can’t make it a celebration for the Grad. No, it’s not going to be the same, and yes, I realize that there are bigger problems in the world than a lack of parties. Regardless, your grad or your own graduation does matter, and you should celebrate it, don’t be afraid to do so.

Ways to Make Your Grad Feel Special

Still Have an Invite

If you follow my designs at all, you know when I create a new package, I like to star with the invitation. Just because you’re not inviting people to your house, doesn’t mean you can’t have an invite. Send an emailed invitation, create a Facebook event or some other social media outlet of your choice. Be sure to include a time when people should log on to your choice of social media to say congrats and watch the grad open gifts.

Finally, let people know that you’ll be “going live” with the party on a certain date so they can be a part of it. This is especially good for family members who would have loved to be there, but can’t. Feel free to use my sample wording in the above photo.

Plan a virtual graduation party with this digital invite.
Plan a virtual graduation party with this digital invite.

Don’t be Afraid to Decorate

Next up, you may decide that decorating isn’t really necessary for a virtual graduation party, but I disagree (respectfully). You don’t have to go crazy, but set up a special place for the graduate in the house the day of, where they can open gifts, maybe eat some cake, etc.

You can find a bunch of printables in The Printables Club. Print the signs and use them to decorate for the party. You can also purchase them pre-printed in our shop.

Download this printable card or decor for the party
Download this printable card or decor for the party in The Printables Club
Download this printable card or decor for the party
Download this printable card or decor for the party in The Printables Club

Gifts on Camera

Now the day of your virtual party has arrived, one thing that can really make your grad feel loved is to have the grad open the gifts on camera. Make it a “live” even on Facebook or Instagram so that people have to log in during the time specified on the invitations you emailed out.

This is also a good time to ask people to submit advice for the graduate. They can type it in as they watch the grad open gifts.

Create an Instagram Hashtag

One idea that I really love for graduation parties, is to have photos of the guest of honor from different stages of life. A different way to get this accomplished virtually, is to create an instagram hashtag and ask people to use it to tag a photo they love of the graduate. This is a great way to get photos from their friends and other family members. Then, once you get the photos, but it in a photo collage like the one here that you can download.

If you don’t know how to create an instagram hashtag, check out this post about it here. There’s really not much to it, it just needs to be pretty unique.

Include the Would-Have-Been Guests

Up to this point, you’ve now got how you’re going to invite people, decorate, and share the gift-opening with people from afar. What I want to cover now, is including your guests just a little more. No, you don’t have to leave your house, and no, do not go getting within the 6 feet of anyone.

However, you can have cupcakes or cookies delivered to the would be guests, which is also a great way to support a local business. It can get a little pricey, but you’re saving money on feeding everyone at your house, so send out a special treat to enjoy the day of the virtual party.

The last way to include your “guests” is really one for your neighbors. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taking a lot more walks during this stay home time, so this idea centers around that. Put up a sign in your yard (with a pen and hand sanitzer asking your neighbors to sign their message for the graduate. Make sure you put out hand sanitizer they can use before and after they sign. If you don’t want people signing the poster, then just hang it up so your neighbors will know you have a graduate in the house. Find the customizable sign on Zazzle.

Printable Graduation Sign for the Virtual graduation party
Printable Graduation Sign for the Lawn

Play Games online

Last, but certainly not least, you can still play games online. Have them be social media games like these or just the traditional games you can find here. Be sure to include a reward to encourage participation.

Digital games you can play at a virtual graduation party. Download and email to your friends and family
Digital games you can play virtually. Download and email to your friends and family in The Printables Club.

Will you host a Virtual Graduation Party or Post-pone for Later?

Do you have a 2020 grad? Are you planning a virtual party or will you be able to celebrate in person? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to celebrate them.

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