How to Have an Adorable Circus Party on a Budget

how to have a circus party on a budget

Searching for a fun, unique, and gender neutral birthday party theme? Consider the circus. It’s perfect for kiddos. But…. think you can’t have an adorable party without breaking the bank? I get it. I’m here to show you how to create an adorable circus party on a budget.

But really… these tips can be used for any party. I truly believe you can have super cute parties, enjoy them, make them special, and not spend thousands of dollars.

Because let’s face it… most people don’t have the excess money lying around to be used for a party. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

circus birthday party on a budget

My nephew’s first birthday was circus themed and it was too, too cute. I actually didn’t get to go because I was living in Australia at that time (and as much as I love him, I was not flying 16 hours for it).  I did, however, get to make all the items for it. My sisters are so lucky to have me. πŸ™‚

Below you’ll find ideas for a circus-themed party that’s fun for all ages and tips on how to keep it within your budget. However, these ideas aren’t just for a circus party. Each of the tips can be used for any birthday party theme, baby shower, and more.

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How to Create a Circus Party on a Budget

1. Download Printables

First, printables make parties cheaper. There’s no way around that. That’s why I created The Printables Club. It’s stocked with 1000s of printables and graphics. Each of the designs are made so that they can be used for a variety of events too.

2. Keep the Invitations Simple

Look, my favorite idea for an invite, is the ticket theme.  However, when you make an invite into a shape other than rectangle, it does become more expensive. That means, if you are saving money, you can do the same design but keep it standard size.

3. Save on Party Favors

Remember party favors when you were a kid? I personally loved them.  And it turns out, I still love them. It’s so fun to take home part of the party.  Turns out, I haven’t changed much since I was 5 or so, party favors still rock.

However, party favors are definitely a place to save money. Remember those freebies from above? Use those to make stickers. That literally can be the party favor. You don’t have to give away big bags of stuff that the other kid’s parents don’t want anyway. More “stuff” doesn’t always make things better.

Another great party favor is a cupcake or cookie to take with them. Guess what, you can use the freebie for that too! Make them into cupcake toppers or attach them as tags to the cookie bag.

4. Make the Paper Goods into the Decor

I used to forget about these products a lot because food at a party is not my thing.  But, I love having party plates, napkins, cups and more to match the theme. You also know for sure that they’re going to get used and therefore seen!

And this is another way to use those freebies. Add them to napkins and plates on Zazzle. Then you have personalized decor that’s useable as well.

paper goods for a circus party
Use free graphics to create items you’ll really USE at the party.

5. Splurge on a Personalized Gift

The last idea I want to share is this personalized puzzle for a birthday gift. I don’t know about the kids in your life, but my nephew and nieces love puzzles.

 I love the idea of it being personalized to the party theme, plus it’s something they can keep forever. This is a bit more of a splurge but I truly believe it’s where you should splurge!

Even though it is a splurge, you can still use those free graphics.

Personalized circus puzzle
Give a gift they can keeps. Create a personalized puzzle with free graphics.

Want to Know What Else You Can Plan with Printables?

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