The Perfect Spring Sip and See Theme

spring baby shower theme

A couple of years ago, I threw a Sip and See spring baby shower for my sister and her new little girl. I went all out.

I loved this garden theme for spring and it was complete with my favorite baby shower game too.

Today I’m sharing a step-by-step guide on planning a garden sip and see on a budget. You’ll learn the very steps that I take each time I plan a party or create new designs, and how I stay on budget.

You can also shop my designs as well as discover my favorite places for cheap DIY supplies.

One thing I did for this shower that I loved and that looks a lot harder than it actually is, was a bunch of paper flowers. I was shocked at how easy this was.

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Printables for a Spring Baby Shower

Start with the Invite

As always the absolute first step I take when planning any party or design a new package, is the invite. This will set the tone for the entire party.

It will also help you get an idea on what time of day you want the party to be. For instance, if you’re having sleepover themed party, you might not want to start it at 9:00 a.m. However, if it’s pancakes you’re after, then morning will probably be better.

It will also help you nail down what kind of food you want to serve. Is it a brunch, a lunch, a breakfast, dinner, or just snack time? That can depend on the theme. So find an invite you like and go from there.

Get a Guest List

The next thing you’re going to need to do is get a guest list. Especially with baby showers and bridal showers, you pretty much need to invite whoever the guest of honor puts on that list.

Don’t offer to throw a party for them, then limit the friends and family they can invite. Once you have the guest list you can see how much food you’ll need and therefore how much money you’ll have left over for the other items.

Set the Budget

From there, you’re going to have to set a budget and this can really vary, a LOT! Ask yourself how much you want to spend. Be honest with yourself and find out from the other hosts what they think.

Talking money can be tricky and awkward so just allow for people to tell you want they are will to put in and be okay with that. Some people just don’t have the same amount of money and some people just don’t want to spend a certain amount on a party, and that is okay!

Plan the Menu

Once you have a budget total set, then you can plan the menu. Food is going to be expected, even if it’s just snacks. Be sure to decide and find out how much you want to spend on food before you go buying decor, gifts, etc.

As soon as you know that, you can start playing with other items, but trust me, you need to get that food sorted first.

Floral Cookies for a Garden Sip and See Party
Floral Cookies for a Garden Sip and See Party by Pflour Shop in Pflugerville, TX

Shop the Decor

Now comes my favorite part and my expertise. I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t do any food part of the parties. I don’t cook and I hate planning meals so that is never my job.

I like to say I make everything pretty. You can go full on out or just add a few touches with this. I’ve put items below in order of importance by my standards. When I have a budget in mind I essentially start at the top and go as far as I can with my list.

Welcome Sign

First on my decor list is always a welcome sign. I really believe people want to know for sure when they arrive at the door that they’re in the right place. Which is why I always add a welcome sign. Choose how many letters you need to create your own message for any garden party.

Functional Food Decor

The next item on the decor list is functional food decor. By this I mean the plates, cups, napkins, etc. You’re going to have to have these if you’re serving food of any kind (and you are). You can find the plates and napkins on Zazzle.

Floral Plates and Napkins for a Garden Sip and See Party
Floral Plates and Napkins for a Garden Sip and See Party

Plates | Napkins

Informational Signs

Once you have the functional food decor taken care of, it’s time to let your guests know what they’re eating and drinking. People like to know what type of dip you’re serving, what sort of drinks there are, etc.

Especially today with so many different types of dietary restrictions it’s really best to let people know what’s there, even if it’s obvious. Each one can be customized to fit your needs. You can find the frames at the dollar store.

Supplies: Card Stock | Frames

Drink Name Labels

If you’re having a lot of people at your party then I definitely recommend having stickers or tags or something for people to identify their drinks.

I made these stickers below with very few supplies (all of which you can find below the photo) and simply had a sign telling people to write their name on the cup. Make your own with the supplies below.

Easy Flower Stickers for Party Cups
Easy Flower Stickers for Party Cups

Supplies: Floral Punch | Card Stock | Sticker Maker


Straws are a bit controversial these days. Yes, I know, the plastic ones are bad for the environment and the paper ones get soggy. However, I happen to like the paper ones and I added a little flower to them to give them a garden theme. You’ll find the supplies to make your own.

Easy Floral Straws for a Garden Party
Easy Floral Straws for a Garden Party

Supplies: Straws | Card Stock | Floral Punch | Hole Punch

Birth Details

The great thing about having a sip and see instead of a baby shower is that you get to actually see the baby. Thus, when planning this party, I wanted to share all the birth details with the guests in a cute way.

Garden Sip and See Party Sign with Baby's Birth Details
Garden Sip and See Party Sign with Baby’s Birth Details

Supplies: Sewing Hoop | Card Stock | Fake Flowers | String

Baby Photos

Another great thing about the sip and see is you’ll be able to have newborn photos if you plan it right. They make great and super easy decor. I used the same supplies as the “birth details” sign to also display newborn photos.


Paper Flower Banners and Cupcake Toppers
Paper Flower Banners and Cupcake Toppers

If you’re still looking for fun decor ideas these last few are for you. First, The paper flowers are super easy to make as well as the floral letter. I used an awesome tutorial that I found on You Tube here for the large paper flowers. 

The strings of little flowers are a bit time-consuming, but with the supplies I’ve listed for you they’re much easier than you might think. I also made easy cupcake toppers with the same supplies, you can shop for those here or check out the supplies to make your own.

Supplies for Large Paper Flowers: Card Stock | Scissors | Glue

Supplies for Ribbon Flowers: Card Stock | Flower Punch | Glue | Ribbon

Supplies for Cupcake Toppers: Card Stock | Flower Punch | Glue

Finally, the last fun extra that I did is make little cute sayings for each of the food items. I used tiny garden pots to display them.

Garden themed food labels
Garden themed food labels

Supplies for Garden Signs: Garden Pots | Styrofoam | Raffia (Fake Grass) | Card Stock

Provide a Guest book

Once you’re finished with the decor, it’s time to think about a guest book. This doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can simply make a page for the baby book to have the guests sign.

For the garden sip and see I planned, I loved the idea of saying “grow with love” and I made a wooden sign for the baby’s room that everyone could sign.

Have a Game or Two

What’s a party without a game or two?

I had guests vote whether baby Lily looked like mom or dad with a simple chalkboard set up. Then I created the time capsule game you see in the photo. These are both games that people can do throughout the party without having to make everyone sit down and play it, which I love.

Supplies for Chalkboard Sign: Canvas | Stickers | Chalkboard Paint

Other classic baby shower games are the bring a book cards, love and wishes advice cards, and diaper raffles. All of these can be found in The Printables Club.

Say Thanks with a Favor

Finally, it’s time for goodbyes and thank you. For a garden party I absolutely adore the idea of seed packets for basically any garden themed party.

Therefore, for the garden sip and see, I made cute little packet covers that say “tiny seeds grow into beautiful blooms”.

I added a sticker on the back stating “thank you for sprinkling baby Lily with your love.”

Find the seeds at Home Depot or any home garden store.

Supplies: Garden Pot | Seeds | Card Stock

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