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3 Easy Ways to Add Bees to Your Spring Decor

honey bee decor

Do you love bees? They’re super cute for spring, right? I am loving all the bee themed things for spring this year.Spring is my favorite season so I included bee themed decorations in the latest subscription box.

There’s three ways to add bees to your spring decor that are super easy and super cute. And the best part is they come with cute sayings too!

Honey Bee Spring Decor

Spring is super short here in south central Texas, but lucky for us, honey bees work for summer too. All of these designs are included in the Spring Decor box.

“Bee Happy” Pennants

Pennants are an easy way to decorate. Add these pennants to vases, gifts, or wreaths. They come with “bee happy”, “bee kind”, and “bee you.”

“Welcome to Our Hive” Sign

The “welcome to our hive” sign is perfect for an entry way. Pop it in a frame and leave it there after the season ends behind another photo. It’s a great decor hack you don’t have to have extra space for.

“Be You” Tags

Tags are a fun and simple way to add seasonal fun to your kid’s lunch box, school treats, neighbor gifts, or teacher gifts!

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