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You won’t wear your high school ring after high school. I’m actually a little embarrassed I made my parents buy me one. Your letter jacket will probably sit in a closet forever. However, this I worked hard for, so while it’s going to sit in my closet, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s meaningful to me.

The reality is that things change and you realize dumb things you thought you needed, you didn’t. Things change but one thing never changes: if you’re graduating from High School, College, Ph.D., etc, you should celebrate it.

However, keep in mind that trends change a lot and you don’t want to look back at how you celebrated and think “why did I do that?!”

See, those two things I mentioned from High School that don’t get much use after you graduate, you might have noticed there’s a big difference between how I feel about the two.

Your high school ring (from High School- not college, that is earned and worn) is useless, sorry. BUT, that letter jacket was earned. You’re probably going to keep it, even if you don’t wear it again.

That’s what this post is about. Though you might not look at all these printable graduation designs after you graduate, I’ve rounded up my best graduation ideas that are still meaningful and won’t embarrass you.

Printable Graduation Party Ideas

Think of these graduation party ideas like the letter jacket you earned. The one with the patches that you worked for, or at least I did. Instead of something shinny like a ring that doesn’t get worn.

Graduation is also one of those events I love to design. That’s why I also have fun invites for unique

Today I’m sharing my biggest collection of graduation designs. You’ll find tags, signs, photo props, food labels, and more. If you’re looking for graduation party ideas you’re definitely in the right place with this post.

Plus, if you’re planning a graduation party, then check out my post on graduation invites, you can find it here.

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50+ Printable Graduation Designs

Before we get to the actually party supplies and designs, you’ll want to download all the goodies. You can Download all the designs in The Printables Club! You’ll get the original files to these designs so you can update them for your year and color scheme.

graduation printables on white background
Graduation bundle

Tags + Gifts

First up for the graduation party ideas are these tags. From gift tags to favor tags, you’ll find ideas below. Each of our tags are also available to purchase in our shop here, or you can find the links to them below the photos.

Open When: Create gifts for the graduate to open later.  Have them open them when they’re sad, or angry, or miss home. It’s perfect for the grad going off to college.

Thank you: For the grad to attach to favors at the party.

Class Rings: I love seeing ring pop candy used as “class rings” and that inspired this design below.

Bright Future: This bright future tag is perfect for attaching to a light bulb full of money. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Find it here.

Money Pizza Box: Money is always a good gift.

Bookmark: If your graduate loves to read then this bookmark is for them.

Gift Card Holder: Get fancy with how you give a gift card.


Next up is signs. Whether you need a sign for the guest book, a motivational quote, or maybe just a “class of” sign, you’ll find that here. If you’re not into DIY, then you can order prints of these signs from our shop here.

Quote: I really love quotes for celebrating anything.

Puzzle: This is definitely a unique idea for a guest book. Have the guests sign a puzzle piece then put it together after the party. You can find blank puzzle pieces here.

Key to Success: Putting this sign out at the party is the perfect way to get advice for the grad.

Cookie: If your grad is “one smart cookie” then have a cookie bar at the party. Everyone loves cookies.

Food Labels

Another great way to decorate for the party by labeling the food. Most people are coming to the party for the food, right? Oh, they’re there for the grad? Okay, sure. Regardless, give your food some flair.

Candy Bar Wrapper: wrap it around the candy bar of course.

Kiss Sticker: This sticker below was designed to go on the bottom of a Hershey kiss, but you could stick it anywhere! Digitals come without the date and just the hat, printed ones come with the date updated!

Water Bottle Label: yes, you can wrap your water bottles. I don’t know what it is about doing this that just makes me feel like I’ve really got my shit together.

Hat Cupcake Topper: This cupcake topper can be cut out and attached to just about anything, not just cupcakes.

Diploma Cupcake Topper: Another easy cupcake topper is this diploma-shaped one.

Straw Flags: This next design is for your straws. Attach little flags to make them festive.


This next category is a great way to spruce up any party. If you like games, then this is the section for you. We’ve got advice cards, who knows the grad and BINGO.

Advice: People are going to give you advice anyway, make them write it down. I’ve got several versions of these

Who Knows the Grad Best: Just a fun little version to find out who really knows you.

BINGO: Lastly in the games section, give your guests something to do while everyone’s chatting and hanging around. Let them find all the items on the BINGO card.

Photo Props

Coming up next is everyone’s favorite party supply: photo props. I absolutely love photo booths and so I made heaps of props below that you can print out and use at your own party.

Most Likely to Succeed: These first few props are all about who is “most likely to…”

Most Likely to Be Famous

Most Likely to Be Rich

Most Likely to Save the World

Most Likely to Never Grow Up

Graduation Cap


graduation photo props
Grab these photo props with over 30 other designs in The Printables Club
Need free instead?

These next few props you can download for free with the sign up below!

Class Clown: Who was the class clown in your high school? Or the prom queen? These next few props are all about that idea.

Prom Queen

Prom King


Now What: it’s okay to ask that.

Mustache, Lips, and bow tie: You can never go wrong with these for a photo booth

Grad Glasses: The last photo prop is some fun glasses. Sure to please anyone.


Another way to decorate for the party that makes great photos is to have banners around. This is my personal favorite.

Grade School Photos: You know all those embarrassing (er… I mean awesome) photos you took growing up. Show them off at the grad party.


Finally, this last category is for those of you looking for fun cards for the grad. Give them something fun and honest that they’ll actually want.

Killin’ It

Dude, You Did It


OMG Fantastic

Hell Yes!

Recommend Supplies

Since we’re done with the graduation party ideas, let’s discuss supplies. If you want to DIY some of the ideas above, here’s a few things you might need.


If you’re looking for a great place for paper, you should check out Paper Papers or Paper Source.


If you like the straw flags above, then you’ll definitely need these festive straws. Oriental Trading is a great place for cheap party supplies with flair.

Blank Puzzle Pieces

Another item you can find at Oriental Trading is blank puzzle pieces. If you plan to do the guest book puzzle piece then this is a great option for these.

Blank Bubble Props

While shopping on Oriental Trading, I also found these great bubble props. They are dry erase so you can write anything you want on them!

Empty Light Bulb

If you like the bright future tag above and want to fill your own light bulb, you can find the jars at Hobby Lobby.

Fun Fonts

If you like the designs above, and you want to make matching items on your own, here’s a few fonts I used you might want match.

Lovestone ScriptStandard TypewriterBeloved

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