Graduation is such an amazing feeling, and today I’m celebrating that feeling by sharing my favorite grad designs.  Most of you know that I have a Bachelors and a Masters and I did my Masters abroad in Australia.  Having gone to “uni”  (that’s what they call it in Australia) for 7 years, I’m no stranger to the amazing relief that’s felt when you turn in that last exam or project.

Printable Graduation Designs

The celebrations behind graduation are awesome and well-deserved.  When I lived in Australia, I didn’t do the graduation ceremony. Mostly because it was 6 months after I finished my degree, and mostly because it cost money. It made me super grateful for the ceremony traditions I had in the states.  I also love university pride.  I went to Texas A&M for my Bachelor’s and we are all about university pride.

One of the biggest differences I realized when I moved abroad for Uni was the lack of tradition and “university pride”.  I definitely missed it.  I loved getting a new experience but I missed the football, the tailgating, and the graduation celebrations.

Today on the blog, I’m sharing a few of my favorite grad designs along with links to the fonts I’ve used and some freebies to help you make these designs on your own. Enjoy them and tell me about your university experience in the comments.

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Grad Designs
Grad Designs

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Graduation Designs

The Fonts

My favorite place to get fonts is font bundles.  I love, love, love it.  They do deals with pre-made graphics as well and free fonts too.

King Basil

One of the cursive fonts used above is called King Basil, download it now for $12.  It’s beautiful and quickly becoming common in my designs. The $12 included unlimited commercial use, and who doesn’t love that!?


The other font used is called Cleopatra, it’s a bit more, but lovely as well. Download it as well now. Be sure to sign up for font bundles e-news, they do discounts and bundles that are amazing. I got this font in a package for $20 that included over 10 fonts.

Celebrate the Grad in Style

15 Grad Designs You Need to Download Now or Make with These Freebies

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