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How to Decide if You Should Give a Graduation Gift

fun graduation gifts

A lot of people are big on etiquette. Me? Not so much. See, if you tell me that I need to send a gift because it’s expected or I’m supposed to, I’m not going to want to or even do it.

That’s why I want to share a better way to decide if you need to send a gift.

First, were you invited is a good starting point. However, I honestly do not believe that just being invited means you have to send a gift. Yes, there are those that will disagree. But, can you afford a gift? Maybe you can’t. There’s your decision. Really.

Moving beyond that, if you’re invited and you can afford it, do you care about this person? Chances are, you do. Then, yes, I do think you should send a gift. If it’s still kind of annoying you, think about why you care about this person. Think about what role they’ve played in your life and if that doesn’t make you want to celebrate their achievement, then don’t.

Miss manners will tell you otherwise but lucky for you, I’m not her.

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Fun Grad Gifts

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss different grad gifts. Because guess what? You don’t have to just send a check.

Fun grad gifts can be a super easy way to celebrate a pretty stellar accomplishment. There’s no need to just give a gift card, or even just money anymore, there are so many other ways to honor the grad.

I’m sharing fun grad gifts today that fall under four categories: Money, Silly, Cards, and Useful.

Therefore, whether you want a unique way to give money, something they might actually use, or something to make the graduate laugh, you’ll find it below.

Money Gifts

First up is the classic money gifts. Money is always a good idea. However, it’s too fun to give it in a different way. Don’t just hand over a card they won’t read, give them something they’ll remember.


You know that person that always has a drink with them. Whether it’s water, coffee, tea, what have you, we all know someone who does this. Or, we are that person (yes, this is me). Regardless, filling a cup up with money is a great way to honor their accomplishment if that’s something they tend to use. Plus, you can find a themed one, like this below.

Bright Future

This next idea isn’t quite as useful as the cup, but it’s definitely fun. Put the money inside a light bulb to remind the grad of their bright future. If you wan to DIY this one, you can find the light bulb at Hobby Lobby!


Another item to fill up with money is a fun jar. Find the tutorial on the no biggie blog.


They are either done with school or they are about to go to a lot more school. Therefore, this bookmark below is an adorable idea.

Pizza Box

Lastly in the money column is this little pizza box. When I was in college, pizza was a staple. Okay, I’ll be honest, it still is. However, you can’t live off pizza alone, so give them some dough with this adorable box below. You can find my design here in my shop, or pick up the box at Hobby Lobby and create your own.

Silly Gifts

This next category is my favorite, I mean, besides money. Silly gifts are a great way to celebrate the grad. They’re guaranteed to remember your gift and you. Besides, what’s better fun grad gifts than something silly?

Bumper Sticker

First up in the silly gifts is this bumper sticker. I just love how it goes back to the honor student message.

I Was An Honor Student Bumper Sticker

Big Whoop Mug

This mug below is definitely one that resonates with me as I love cats. I also love sarcasm. Put the two together and I’m super happy.

Funny Graduation Gift – The Cat is Not Impressed Coffee Mug

Fancy Pants Hat

If you like wearable items, these next two are for you. First up is this fancy pants hat.

Fancy Pants Funny Grad Trucker Hat


As long as you’re okay with a curse word, then this shirt is perfect. They have them for several different careers, so if Dentistry isn’t what you need, you’ll probably find one that fits.

I’m a Dentist T-Shirt

Bottle Label

Wine is always a good idea in my book. That’s why I created these labels below. They are completely customizable. Change the colors or the message.

Graduation Themed Bottle Label

Cards + Gifts

So maybe you want to give a gift card or just money. Trust me, that’s awesome. Cheers to you. There’s nothing wrong with gift cards, but if you want to add something to it, then this category is for you. Below are 5 cards that have a special place for a gift card too.

The world is quite expensive, so these cards acknowledge that and give the grads some real dough to help with those real world expenses.

Graduation Cap

What’s more perfect for graduation than a graduation cap? Nothing. That’s why I’ve created cards with the cap.

Go Far

If you know a graduate that loves to travel then this next design is for them. Made with a map background, the “go far” message is perfect for the adventure-lover.


There’s nothing better than being honest, which is why I made this card below. Sometimes college can take a lot longer than expected, or maybe it just feels that way. Regardless, this card sums up that feeling.

Download Printable Cards

If printable is you thing, then join The Printables Club. You’ll get access to graduation cards as well as cards for other events.

Printable graduation cards available in The Printables Club

Useful Gifts

This next category of fun grad gifts is for all of you who love to give something they’ll actually use. If you’re looking for something the graduate can use then these items are of you. From notebooks to mugs, you’ll find ideas below.


Honestly, I can never have too many notebooks. Okay, I probably could have too many but eventually I use them all.

PhD gifts for women Notebook

Clothes Hanger

This next idea is too cute, especially for a doctor. If I became a doctor, I’d definitely expect one of these hangers.

Personalized Door Hanger for Doctor

Coffee Mug

Here’s an idea for the person who drinks coffee every morning. There’s nothing more useful for them than a mug that reminds them of their accomplishments.

Now hotter by one degree coffee mug

Graduation Cap Topper

Finally, decorating one’s graduation cap is all the rage right now and I love how Zazzle has graduation cap toppers you can personalize and give as a gift. The best part is that they are removable so the grad can keep it without having to keep the hat (if they want).

Adventure fun world map graduation cap topper


Need more Ideas?

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