Printable Christmas Games to Make Everyone Happy this Season

Love it or hate it ’tis the season for fun Christmas games, crafts and activities! They are perfect for the holiday business party, the white elephant gift exchange, or simply family fun around Christmas. Printable Christmas games are the easiest way to bring fun anywhere for cheap!

Today I’m sharing fun Christmas games perfect for families (but are also friend and business friendly) you can download today. Each one comes with directions on how to play and a printable PDF of all the items you’ll need.

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The thing about these games is that they are designed to be something for everyone. Take the person who LOVES Christmas so much, give them the “Name that Tune” game.

Do you have someone who urges everyone to be more culturally aware during the holidays? Use the traditions game.

What about the kids who love Christmas crafts? I’ve got that too.

Finally, what about that grinchy person who doesn’t want to look at lights because it’s “so boring”. Give them something to do with the Christmas lights scavenger hunt.

Fun Printable Christmas Games Perfect for Everyone

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

First up, is pretty much a common one that I design for every holiday: the scavenger hunt. This design is made for viewing Christmas lights.

How to Play: Divide into groups of 2 or more. Then drive around finding all the items on the list. The first group to find all the items and return home, wins!

Christmas Around the World

This next christmas game is a personal favorite of mine. It’s travel themed and I love all things travel. Living in the states, we get a little stuck in our bubble and think the whole world celebrates the same way we do. This is NOT the case, not even close. I think it’s important this Christmas to reflect on Christmas traditions around the world

How to Play: See how many of the traditions you can match to the country of origin.

Why Do We Do That, Christmas Edition

Do you ever wonder where our Christmas traditions come from? If so, this game may be for you then. All those little traditions we do such as candy canes, candles and even using “Xmas” instead of Christmas have reasons. You can find those out with this game.

How to play: Test your knowledge of Christmas traditions by seeing how many traditions you can match to the reason behind them.

Name that Tune

How well do you know famous christmas songs? If you’re always Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree or counting down the 12 days of Christmas then this game is for you.

How to play:  See how many christmas song lyrics on the left you can match to their titles on the right.

Religious Bundle

This next game is more of a craft and activity. But in the religious holiday bundle, you’ll get the nativity scene (which I made into magnets) as well as 3 different religious ornaments. Use the ornaments throughout the season to talk about the Christian meaning of the holiday.

Make a Craft

This next set is 4 different crafty games. You’ll get an “elf yourself” craft, a snowman activity spinner, a draw your own reindeer dice game, and a rudolph candy topper.

Download all the Printable Christmas Games in The Club

Download all the printable Christmas games in The Club along with 1000s of more downloads for celebrating everything!

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