I’m not going to lie to you, I love trick-or-treaters and I love decorating for Halloween. However, what I love more than both of those things is freebies. That’s why I’m giving away 5 free halloween printables this year. Each one is made to welcome trick-or-treaters to your home, but they don’t have to be just signs.

Download free Halloween Printables perfect for home decor

5 Free Halloween Printables

Sign up at the bottom to download, print, and frame each of the 5 fun Halloween signs. Hang them on the door to welcome the kiddos on Halloween, or keep reading to find out how to use them for other fun decorating ideas and gifts for the season.

Need a Different Background on the Freebies?

That’s okay, they are included with the chalkboard background as JPEGS, and without as PNG files. This means you get them as shown above, and with no back which is great for putting on dark or black items.

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10 Ways to Use the Free Halloween Printables

I’ve created favor boxes, temporary tattoos, gifts, welcome mats, and more. Each one was designed with Halloween trick-or-treaters in mind, but they don’t have to be! If you love to decorate for Halloween, then you’re in the right place. Each of the products below was made with just the freebies.

I’ve used the PNG files for all the designs below. I love using PNGs as you can change the background of the product you’re putting it on. The files have no back, so as long as you choose a color, then you can use them for basically anything (and that’s only because the font is white). Have I confused you? If so, ask me about it in the comments, I’m happy to help. Now, let’s talk decorating!

1. Pillows

To start, raise your hand if you love decorating a front porch when the seasons change. Okay, don’t really raise it, I can’t see you, but regardless, I do love it. That’s why pillows are first on the list for Halloween home decor. Add them to the front porch to welcome trick-or-treaters to just to make it cozy for you.

halloween pillow with fun sayings
Decorate your patio with a fun Halloween pillow

2. Welcome Mat

You’ll definitely want to welcome trick-or-treaters to your door with something unique.  I used the “trick-or-treat” sign to make a door mat. It’s the perfect way to welcome guests on Halloween or just during fall. The mats come in two sizes and the black background is perfect for hiding dirt! Plus, as an added extra, you can put your own personalization. Add “happy halloween”, your family name, or any other message. If you’re not wanting the black background, you can change that up to. The freebie used here is the PNG file which comes with no back. That way, you can choose your own color.

halloween welcome mat
Welcome trick-or-treaters with a fun welcome mat

3. Puzzle

At this point, you’ve gotten a few ideas for the home, but what about a toy for the kids? Or a drinking game for the adults? I made a puzzle from the trick-or-treat design. You could turn into a fun Halloween family game if you’re staying in and not trick-or-treating. This puzzle was made with the PNG file so you can change the background.

trick-or-treat puzzle for halloween
Make a fun trick-or-treat puzzle

4. Button

Want to dress up for Halloween but not go all out with a costume? Make one of our designs into a wearable button. You could also do stickers. These buttons can be used for an alternative to candy as well. If you’re looking for that, you could also give them with the candy for an extra treat.

trick-or-treat button
Make a fun button to wear on Halloween or give out to trick-or-treaters

5. Drink Cooler

If you’re going to sit outside to welcome the kiddos on Halloween, then you’ll need a good drink and why not make it festive. These fun drink coolers are the perfect addition to your Halloween night. Or, are you thinking of staying in and having a few friends over? Make it festive with fun drink coolers. Celebrate all month long with them before Halloween arrives.

drink cooler with free halloween printables
Eat, drink, and be scary drink cooler for Halloween

6. Temporary Tattoos

Look, I know most kids want the candy on Halloween but temporary tattoos are fun too! Personally, I always loved getting something different. Therefore, mix it up a little and give temporary tattoos with the candy this year. Also, if you’re into the non-traditional and non-candy ideas for Halloween, check out this list, it’s got some great non-candy treats for Halloween.

temporary tattoos made with free halloween printables
Use the free printables to make temporary tattoos for the trick-or-treaters

7. Favor Box

These boxes are made with teachers in mind. However, they’d be great for trick-or-treating. Use them for teacher gifts, or teachers, use them for kids gifts. You can also put Halloween candy in them and hand them out the night of, that way, you know how much candy and how many kids you went through!

favor boxes with trick or treat printable
Trick-or-treat boxes with Halloween printable

8. Trick-or-Treat Bags

I can’t really talk about trick-or-treating without having some bags you can put candy in. While this is more work, it does divide out the candy for you already. Plus, it let’s you know how many kids come by! If you count them beforehand, then you’ll be able to count the left overs. It’s so annoying guessing at the amount of candy you need.

personalizable trick or treat bags
Fun trick or treat bags you can personalize

9. Kid’s Shirts

I did a whole post a few weeks ago about making kids shirts. If you’re looking for an alternative to costumes, then that post is for you. I’ve done that here too with the fun cat design. Does your kid like to dress up for school but can’t wear a costume? Our kids shirts are great for that. Or, you can schedule a fall photoshoot and have them wear a fun shirt.

free halloween printables on a kid's shirt
Make fun kid’s shirts with the free Halloween pritnables

10. Magnets

Finally, this last design is one made for the non-candy option again. Give out fun magnets with candy or without. It gives the kids something else to be excited about than just the candy. This magnet was made with the PNG file which means you can choose and change the background color. You can also change the color and font of the word “halloween”.

halloween magnet with cat
Hand out magnets with the candy on Halloween night

Get Started on Your Own Products!

That’s a wrap! Download those free Halloween printables (JPEG and PNG files) below. The designs come with and without the background and you can make to your heart’s content. Use the JPEG files if you’re simply printing and framing, and the PNG files to get crafty. Please don’t re-sell the designs as is, but feel free to make your own products, and show me in the comments, I’d love to see what you do with the free Halloween printables.

Free Halloween Printables Trick-or-Treaters will Absolutely Love

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