Free Fishing Party Graphics that will Make Your Celebration “Reel” Fun!

Fishing Invites

You know what makes the perfect birthday party theme? What your kiddo loves. Really, choose something they love doing, or a hobby. One time I had a customer request a lemon invite. Why? Her kiddo loved lemons. So why not?

There’s loads of adorable themes out there and today I’m sharing a personal favorite of mine. The fishing theme.

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Free Fishing Party Graphics

Before we get to that, I’m giving away freebies with this post! I’ve been working on fishing themed birthday invites, decorations, etc. and I’m giving away several designs to help you make your own.

Use them for a birthday party or any event you have coming up. Both PNG and JPEG files are available. Sign up at the bottom of this post for my most popular party graphics (including the fishing ones!). Keep reading to find out how I used them!

How to Use the Fishing Graphics

Fish Outline

I used this to make an invite, but really, you could make tags, stickers, signs, anything really. It was also added to a few of the other designs below.

Fishing Party Invite
Fishing Party Invite

Fish Bowl

For the fish bowl, I wanted to use it for favor thank you tags.  I also added the fish graphic above to it to add a little bit extra.

Fishing Party Button
Fishing Party Button


The bobber I made into a couple of items.  First, it makes great plates, but also, it’s perfect for stickers or a cupcake topper, anything round is perfect.

Fishing Party Stickers
Fishing Party Stickers

Wooden Sign

I’m including a wooden sign both with the words “gone fishin'” as I’ve used below and a blank one.  This way you can add your own text to it if you want something a little different.

Gone Fishing Party Sign
Gone Fishin’ Party Sign

Rod and Reel

Next up is the rod and reel. I used it with the fish, but you could use it without as well. It’s included in a few different colors as well.  Get it in black, red, or blue.

Fishing Party Tags
Fishing Party Tags

Life Preserver

This one is another great one to use for stickers or a cupcake topper. I also like using it for the “O” in “one” or anything else.

Fishing Party Plates
Fishing Party Plates

The First Step is to Have the Right Tools

You can’t make anything without the graphics! Don’t forget to download the graphics to make your own designs. Sign up below and you’ll get my dinosaur, fishing, and love bug graphics sent to your email.

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