Fourth of July Designs + Freebies

Fourth of July Backyard BBQ

Fourth of July is always a good time.  I love the outdoorsy-ness, the hot dogs, the sunshine, and of course, the Patriotism.  I’ve been living abroad the last three years and didn’t really celebrate the fourth, so I’m pretty excited to have that back in my life again.

Today I’m sharing designs for a backyard BBQ.  Just add the hot dogs, fireworks, and beer, and you’ll have everything you need for a great day.

Be sure to download the free trivia cards (with answers), scavenger hunt, and coloring pages over on the Journey Junkies page. If you’re not a member, sign up now. Print them out yourself or order them on Zazzle if you’re not into DIY.

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7 Designs for Your Backyard BBQ


For the Backyard BBQ, I love this Vintage feel.  The red, white, and blue are the perfect color scheme for this as well.

Party invitation
Vintage Backyard 4th of July Invite

Wearable Items

Why not have a little fun and decorate yourself as well. These sweet sunglasses are perfect for the outdoor BBQ and the stickers and buttons are just fun.

Wearable items
Wearable 4th of July Items

Banner or Sign

I always love a good sign or banner at any party.  Hang one on the door and others around the party.

4th of July Signs
4th of July Signs

Paper Goods

You’re going to need plates, napkins, and cups, and maybe a table-cloth so why not be patriotic with those too?

4th of July Themed Paper Goods
4th of July Themed Paper Goods

Table Cards

This is something I tend to forget, but if you don’t want to go with a table-cloth, this is a great way to decorate the food table.

July 4th Table Cards
July 4th Table Cards

Game for Grown Ups

Who says games are just for kids? Our trivia cards are perfect for the adults at your party. Test your knowledge of the 4th of July and a bit of American history.  Download the freebies to print on your own. Plus, you’ll find out how many estimated hot dogs will be consumed on the day. That’s knowledge we all need.

Set of 10 Free Trivia Cards
Set of 10 Free Trivia Cards


Free Kids Games for 4th of July
Free Kids Games for 4th of July

While you’re enjoying playing the Fourth of July trivia, let the kids go on a scavenger hunt or color . Have them find all the items on the list, or color these fun graphics.  You can download both for free and print yourself or order on Zazzle as well.

What about you? How do you celebrate the Fourth? Let me know in the comments.

Fourth of July Printable Designs + Download Free Trivia Cards

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