Adorable Father’s Day DIY Cards to Match Gifts He’ll Actually Love

father's day gifts that don't suck

Look, just because you buy it or your kid makes it, doesn’t mean dad wants. Sorry, but that’s just the cold hard truth. Instead of searching on Pinterest to find random crafts for the kids to make, why not instead give him something he’ll want? Then, pair it with an adorable father’s day diy cards the kids can take part in to make it more meaningful.

See, I’m not telling you to forgo the crafts or the cards or the sweet hand made gifts from the kids. Gasp. I would never! I love all those.

father's day diy cards on teal background

Father’s Day DIY Cards

However, I am telling you that it’s probably not enough. And to be real, there’s actual things Dad wants and could use that you can pair WITH the cute crafts.

I’m going to show you how. You can find all these fun printable crafts in The Printables Club.

What Gifts do Dads Really Want for Father’s Day? (according to the research)

First things first, we need to talk about the gifts dads actually want. No, don’t make it dirty, that’s not what this is about. However, did you know there’s actual research on what the best gifts are? I mean, what’s better than cold hard facts to support your gift-giving?

There’s plenty of articles out there about “what dad really wants” you can spend hours upon hours reading all the lists of gifts, but none of them pair them with something meaningful too.

That’s why I’ve created this bundle. Each design or craft is made to go with a certain type of gift. Plus, I’ve done the research for you!

Now, let’s talk about what the research shows are the best gift and HOW you can pair it with something crafted by the kids. And really, while doing my research, I realized these gifts all fall into just a few categories.

Here’s what the research shows are the best gifts…


There’s so many choices with this one. Plan a trip, book tickets to a sporting event, a concert, etc. These can be in the future which can be a little tricky as you have to make sure the date works. Plus we’re dealing with a pandemic right now so that can make planning harder. However, there’s activities close to home too. Plan a hiking trip near where you are, or a short weekend get-a-way you can drive to. So to recap:

  • Big Trip
  • Sporting event
  • concert
  • hiking day
  • weekend get-a-way

Make it meaningful: Activities are already a meaningful gift, but make it more meaningful with “all about dad” cards. It’s the perfect combination to a hobby gift.

Father’s Day fill in the blanks available seasonally in The Printables Club

Subscriptions & Memberships

Everything has a membership these days. Netflix for a year? How about a music subscription? Amazon Prime for a year is another option. If they love a certain sport, there’s always season tickets too. I know, I’m getting pricy but I started out small! Netflix is less than $100/year! There’s also state park memberships. If your dad or husband loves to get outdoors, this is a great option! Again, to recap:

Make it meaningful: For this one, I recommend going with the super hero card. Especially if giving a gift related to movies or television. Who needs super heroes when you’ve got dad?

Super hero Card for Father's Day
Super hero Card for Father’s Day available seasonally in The Printables Club

Gift Cards

Hey, don’t poo-poo on gift cards! I’m a big fan and I actually think when done correctly, and with something meaningful with it, they can be the perfect gift.

Make it meaningful: Lucky for you, pretty much any of the printable cards or crafts go great with gift cards.

Father’s Day Cards available seasonally in The Printables Club


Is there anyone on this planet that doesn’t use 40 electronics a day? Okay, maybe not that many, but still, it’s a lot and research shows, electronics make a great gift. Here’s just a few of the most popular… according of course to the research… πŸ˜‰

you get the idea…

Make it meaningful: for this one, go with the 5 things I love about dad fill in the blank cards. Connect it to the gift by making one of those 5 things about the chosen electronic gift.

Relaxation/Pampering Products

Chances are, dad works hard. So, he’d probably like to also relax. And really, this category can cover so many different things. Get him a yeti cooler if relaxing for him is siting in a river with a beer. Pampering products can be the obvious, neck massager, or they can be really specific to what your man likes to do. Such as the yeti cooler.

Make it meaningful: they say coloring is relaxing for all ages so pair this one with the coloring pages.

father’s day crafts available seasonally in The Printables Club


Personally, I think this is one of the more lame categories, but I follow the research where it takes me! Slippers are a favorite. To be fair, my husband loves clothes but he’s not a dad, so there’s no father’s gift for him.

Make it meaningful: what’s better than a clothing themed, handmade card to go with a clothing gift? Nothing. The bow tie card is perfect.

Bow Tie Father's Day Card
Bow Tie Father’s Day Card available seasonally in The Printables Club


Does he like to grill? There’s your answer. Does dad love beer? So many options with that one. Give him a membership to a craft beer club or wine club. Research shows that Dad’s love food and drink related gifts.

Make it meaningful: this one is easy, pair it with my handprint grill cards. It’s the perfect combo to a food related gift for dad.

Handprint father's day crafts
Handprint father’s day crafts available seasonally in The Printables Club


Finally, it seems tools are always a popular gift for dads. This can also be accomplished with a gift card if you’re unsure of what to get.

Make it meaningful: Add a toolbox card to this gift to make it perfect. Have the kids write something on each of the tools for dad.

Tool Box Card for Father's Day
Tool Box Card for Father’s Day available seasonally in The Printables Club

How to Make the Gift More Meaningful

I mean, I wouldn’t me if I didn’t tell you how to put a little home made into the gift, right? That’s where this bundle comes in. For each of the categories, I’ve got a printable craft or two for the kids. That means, after you decide on the gift, you can still make something fun with the kids to go with it.

What’s even better is these can all be used year after year. And depending on what you want to give dad, you can save them for next year, or Christmas, or what have you. Download and print as many times as you need.

This way, the gift-giving both meaningful and what he wants. I mean, crafts are cute, but that doesn’t mean dad wants just that every year. Sorry, #truthtime.

Doing something like this is also so much better than those store bought cards that all look the same and cost $5/piece.

Find each of the designs in The Printables Club. It has loads of designs in printable form that you can download for celebrating everything.

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