Why are dads always so hard to buy for? You want to get dad something from the kiddos but you also want them to make it or at least take part, right? Yes, this is a tall order. However, I’m here to tell you it can be done with just a few items. And let the little ones take part, it’s more meaningful that way.

Father's Day Crafts

With everything going on right now in the world, and more and more of us staying home, it’s the perfect time for craft projects. Because of that, I decided to do handmade father’s day crafts this year. Not only because there’s a bit more time at home lately but because if your dad is anything like mine, he’s hard to buy for with any holiday.

However, these sweet crafts are perfect for the guy who doesn’t need anything. They are also super simple ideas that perfect for kids.

Father’s Day Crafts

Fill In the Blank Cards

First up, these fill in the blank cards are super sweet and easy. They make a great keepsake for Dad or Grandpa. You get four versions. One “all about” and one “things I love” about Dad and about Grandpa. Find them in our shop here, order digital or printed. Printed cards come with personalization.

Coloring Pages

Another of the super easy father’s day crafts are these coloring pages. If your kids love to color, then these are for you.

Hand Prints and Foot Prints

Next up, I love seeing all the different hand print and foot print gifts that are around these days. That’s why I’m sharing these next father’s day crafts. Each one is designed to have foot prints or hand prints added to them. It’s guaranteed to be a cute keepsake. Plus, they come in several different themes or styles. Get them digital on Etsy or find them printed here in our shop.

Fun Shapes

One thing I really love making is fun-shaped designs. Whether it’s a card, invite, or decoration, if I can make it a unique shape, then I certainly will! These fun shaped cards are so fun. Download them, print them, and let your kiddos cut them out and color them for Dad. Or, you can order them as printed cards with customization.

Instant Download Cards

Finally, don’t worry if you’re not into the craft idea, I’ve got you covered. Join the VIP Club for access to my Father’s Day Cards as well as over 500 other printables.

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Father’s Day Crafts that Make Great Cards from the Kids
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