Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Theme that will Never be Outdated

farm animal baby shower

Tired of all the blue or pink? In search of the perfect gender neutral theme that’s also cute? Consider adorable farm animals. See, trends come and go, but cute animals will always be, well, cute.

Today I’m sharing a farm animal baby shower idea.  Farm animals were a big part of my childhood. My grandparents owned a ranch that had cows, a couple of goats, and a horse.  The goats just wandered on our property one day and never left, but they were there nonetheless.  

Now my parents own the ranch and my two little nephews absolutely love the animals.  They always want to feed the cows and help out, it’s adorable. They inspired these designs below.

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farm animal baby shower

Farm Animal Baby Shower


First up is always the invite. I like to use wording that goes with the theme. So, for this I did “Neigh, Moo, Cock-a-Doodle-Do… A new baby is almost due!” Plus, it’s always great when it rhymes.

It really helps when planning anything to start with the invite. It will set the tone and establish colors, graphics, etc that you can use throughout the party.

Welcome Sign

Keep it simple and welcome the guests to your party. This is one of those things that is really necessary only if you have people coming over who don’t know where the party is or have never been there.

I completely support skipping this one if you have only family/friends who have been there before. However, if not, I definitely believe in a welcome sign. It just makes it so much more helpful to guests.


For games, I keep it classic with the diaper raffle, bring a book, and wishes card. However, you could also do BINGO, Finish the Rhyme, Guess the Price, Measure mom’s tummy, and more. There are so many choices for games out there.  My favorite is always the wish card, something mom and baby can keep and treasure forever!

Farm Animal Baby Shower Games available in The Printables Club

Paper Goods

Next up is the paper goods.  You can keep it simple or make them personalized.  I love having personalized items all throughout a party (such as the cups with the name of the mom-to-be) but if that’s not your thing, just do solid colors with a graphic (similar to the sunshine plates). Personalize them on Zazzle now!

Thank You Items

Another item, is a way to say thank you! I like to go farther than just the thank you card. Have thank you favor tags or bags and stickers at the shower and give the cards to the new mom to send out after. You can make your own with our printables in The Printables Club or purchase on Zazzle now.

Fun Extras

Buttons for the new mom to wear are my new favorite item to make. Maybe even get some for a few of the special guests (think grandma and aunt to be). Purchase them on Zazzle as well.

A Special Gift

Additionally, I’ve been making puzzles to go with the theme of each shower I’ve designed lately.  I love the idea of giving the mom-to-be a personalized gift for the baby that will remind her of her special shower each time she sees it.

farm animal puzzle
Where to find a themed puzzle gift

Another gift that’s always a good idea is the baby milestone stickers. Everyone loves to watch baby grow and these are sure to be useful. Plus, making them themed to the shower is a great way to remind the parents of the people in their corner!

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