Family Car Games You’ll Love to Play

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Summertime is the perfect time for a road trip. But with kids it can be a bit of a headache. Make your life easier with family car games. Take a break from the screens and play together as a family.

Here’s 5 games that go with any road trip!

5 Family Car Games Everyone will Love

The key for car games is to make it something everyone can participate in, that’s why these games are all geared toward the family. I’ve also got a fun hack to make printable games usable over and over and over again!

Car Color Search

This first one is perfect when there’s a lot of traffic. See how many cars you can find in various colors. Make it a competition among family members by marking off the cars with your initials. Then, when you’ve found them all or done the game for a pre-decided amount of time, count up the initials to see who won!

Conversation Starters

Next up, this game will get everyone talking. Use the questions for great conversation starters in the car. Warning! Do this game when the kids are NOT cranky. Think: after they’ve had a treat!

License Plate Game

Another fun game to play in the car is the classic license plate game. However, this one has a new twist. Color in each of the states as you see the cars. It’s a fun one to play throughout the entire trip! That way, when you get home, you can see all the different places represented on your journey.

Road Trip BINGO

Road trip bingo is another one of those classic games. But, make it unique by laminating it so you can use just one. As you find the road signs, put your initials in the box. The first person to make a line, wins! It’s bingo and tic-tac-toe combined!

Things I Saw

Finally, I’ve included a “things I saw” journal game for the family. Keep track of your family fun with this family car game. Keep it going throughout the trip then keep it in a photo album after the trip is over.

The Easiest Way to Reuse the Family Car Games

One of my favorite ways to make a printable game re-usable is to laminate it. Now, I know, you might not have a laminating machine. I don’t either! But laminating sheets are where it’s at. They are self-sealing and so easy to use. Get yours and start re-using those games instead of re-printing.

laminating sheets on white background
Use self sealing sheets to easily re-use games

How to Download All the Family Car Games

family car games printable bundle on a white background
Road Trip Games

Download all these family car games with The Printables Club. The complete set comes with a fun cover as well as printable graphics for tracking your course. You’ll also find games for every season inside The Club.

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