Fall Bridal Shower Themes the Bride will Love

Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to plan a bridal shower. The weather is getting cooler so an outdoor bridal shower can definitely be in the cards. Today I’m sharing 15 fall bridal shower themes.

From rustic to chalkboard, vintage to classic, you’ll find ideas below.

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Planning with Fall Bridal Shower Themes

Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

The first thing you’ll need for a fall bridal shower is the invite. Thus, I’ve got 15 different ones below. Whether you like rustic, classic, or something in between, you’ll find and idea.

What I love most about a fall bridal shower is the fact that you can go full on fall or just do simple wording or color changes to make it subtle. Regardless of which way you like to go, you’re bound to find an invite to fit your needs.

1. Floral

First up for the invites is this floral design. You’ll find floral designs in a lot of the invites, but this first one is all about the floral ring around the details. I love it because you can easily change the colors to be less fall if you wanted a different approach.

2. Burlap

This next invite is one that’s always included in my designs, and that’s burlap. Burlap is perfect for so many things but I especially love it for fall.

3. Chalkboard

Another design that frequents my shop is the chalkboard design. It’s also perfect for so many things and great for fall because it goes well with orange, maroon, and yellow. You know, those yummy fall colors we all love.

4. Wooden

Next up is an invite with a wooden background. I don’t actually do wooden backgrounds as frequently as the previous two designs. However, for fall, it’s perfect.

5. Sunflowers

This next invite I actually wrestled with a bit. I don’t always think of sunflowers as a fall thing, but then again, the yellow just works.

6. Gold and Black

If you’re looking for something super classy, then this next design is for you. The gold and black is perfect for the classic bride and the leaves bring the fall into it.

7. Stripes

Another classic design is this modern black and white stripped invite. It’s great for the bride who loves Kate Spade too. The floral graphics give it that little bit of fall without going over the top.

8. Pumpkins

Now, what’s more fall than pumpkins? Basically nothing. If you’re looking for a design that really says fall, then this is for you. The dark background makes the pumpkins really pop too.

9. Vintage

This vintage design is perfect for the bride who likes rustic but doesn’t necessarily want a burlap or wooden invite.

10. Costumes and Cocktails

If you simply can’t get enough of Fall and Halloween, then this next design is definitely for you. Go extra spooky and all out with this Halloween themed invite.

11. Witches

Another idea for the bride who loves Halloween is this witches invite. Perfect for the shower or bachelorette party.

12. Maroon

These next few designs are simple and classic but if you love solid colors, then they’re definitely for you. First is this maroon design.

13. Navy

Another solid color invite is this navy design. It goes great with the red and orange leaves.

14. Green + White

The last solid color invite is this white and green design. I love how clean it feels and orange is not my favorite color, so it’s perfect that this has no orange.

15. Mason Jar

Finally, this mason jar design wraps up the fall bridal shower invites. The floral graphics on this design are probably my favorite of all the invites. It’s perfect for the rustic fall shower.

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