Fall in Love with These 5 Perfect Baby Shower Ideas for Any Gender

Fall Baby Shower Ideas

The air is crisp, football is on the television, and pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks. This only means one thing: it’s fall baby!

Today I want share ideas you’ll “fall in love” with, for sure.  Check out these 5 ideas for a Fall Baby Shower and download free diaper raffle cards.

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5 Fall Baby Shower Ideas

1. Invite

First up is, of course, the invite. I love using a play on words whenever I can, so the phrase “fall in love” was definitely used on this one. The design below is for a bridal shower but can be turned into a baby shower invite as well.

2. Wish Cards

I’m not really big on baby shower games, I design them, I sell them, but I secretly hate playing them (shhh don’t tell!).  However, I think wish cards are delightful.  

I’ve made them for every shower I’ve ever given and will continue to do so. Having something the mom to be and new baby can cherish forever from the shower is just too perfect. Find these on Zazzle.

3. Paper Goods

If you follow my work, you know I’m all about plates, cups, napkins, etc, all matching the theme. Zazzle lets you customize all of these, and I’m obsessed.  For every theme I make, I always have to design the paper goods too.

Every time I go to the store and see the standard ones, I cringe. It’s great having ones completely different to add to your party. Find them here.

4. Unique Gift

The mom-to-be is going to get a lot of crap (er I mean gifts) she needs but what about giving her something that reminds her of the shower? This design can be adjusted to just home decor, or for any event. The great thing about the phrase “fall in love” is that it can be used for just about anything.

Fall Themed Home Decor or Gift
Fall Themed Home Decor or Gift

5. Mom-to-Be Badge

Finally, the last design is the mom-to-be badge. Zazzle also lets you customize these, and guess what, I love it! You can add the baby’s name instead of the buying the ones that have no personalization. You could also do stickers, bows, and more.

Fall Baby Shower Badge
Fall Baby Shower Badge

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