If you’re planning a baby shower, then you’ve probably come across baby shower games. It would be hard not to. There are all kinds of fun games you can add from silly to serious and for every type of shower.

However, one thing I love doing is making the games themed to the shower as well. It’s just better when it all matches. And do you know how to take that even a step further?

Make it match the season of the party. For instance, fall! I’ve taken games you’ve seen 100s of times and made them for a fall baby shower. They’re the same games you’ve seen before: diaper raffle, bring a book cards. However, this time, they are fall themed.

Why does this matter? It will mean so much more to the parents to be if the aspects of the party match what you’re going for. Believe me, they will remember it so much more.

They will remember and cherish a “trick or treat” game more than a “true or false” because it will remind them of the time of their lives when they were expecting.

So without futher ado, let’s get to the games!

fall themed baby shower games

Fall Baby Shower Games

It’s not yet officially fall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for fall parties. It’s too fun to base the theme of a shower on the season you’re in and fall is perfect for that.

Today I’m sharing 10 fall baby shower games. Some of them are traditional games with a fall design and some are designed just for fall.

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First up is the traditional and most popular of our baby games. Games such as Diaper raffles and bring a book cards are perfect for any shower and I’ve created those and others below just for fall baby shower games.

1. Diaper Raffle

How to Play: Include the cards with the invitations. Guests will bring a pack of diapers along with the card. During the shower, draw a card from the stack and give a prize to the winner.

2. Bring a Book

How to Play: Send out with the invitations, asking guests to bring a book for the new baby, old or new!

3. Advice for the Parents

How to Play: Pass out the cards to each guest and have them leave their best advice for the new parents.

4. Word Scramble

How to play: See if you can un-scramble the baby-related words. The person with the most correct answer wins a prize.

5. Baby BINGO

How to play: Have guests fill in the blanks with what they think the new mom will receive. As the gifts are opened, guests will mark off the gifts they got correct. The first one with a straight line, wins!

Season Specific

Next up, these season specific games are just for fall. I’ve created 5 unique games perfect for the “fall in love” baby shower.

6. Guess How Many Pumpkins

How to play: Set up a sign at the shower with a bottle filled with candy pumpkins. Have guests make their best guess as to how many pumpkins are in the bottle.

7. Guess the Size of Mommy’s Tummy

How to play: Set out 5 to 10 pumpkins in various sizes. Then, have guests vote as to which pumpkin they think is closest to the size of the mommy’s tummy.

8. Match the Candy

How to play: See how many Halloween candy names you can match to the baby related phrases.

9. Don’t Say Baby

How to play: First, hand out small pumpkins to each guest and place the sign at the entrance of the party. If a person says “baby” then another guest can take their pumpkin, the person with the most at the end of the shower, wins. Design includes a pumpkin cut out as well.

10. Trick or Treat

How to play: Have the parents-to-be answer the true or false questions on the card. Then have guests guess which statement is true (treat) or which one is false and therefore a trick!

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