How to Plan an Adorable Tea Party Birthday

plan a birthday tea party

When I was little, I remember going to a birthday “par-TEA” or tea party birthday party. It was so cute, and probably one of the only birthday parties I remember from my youth.  

We had little bells to ring when we needed more tea (which I don’t think was really tea but who knows). Hats were worn as well and we ate the most delicious cookies.  I don’t know why I remember this party so well. However, the tea party birthday has stuck with me, and inspired the designs below.

How to Plan a Tea Party Birthday

I’m sharing how to plan a birthday tea party with just 4-5 simple designs.

everything you need for a tea party birthday on white background

I truly think this is one of the cutest birthday themes.

From invites to thank you cards, favors to decorations, you’ll find everything you need for birthday par-tea they’ll always remember.

Plus, I’m sharing both a burlap design and a chalkboard design so you’ve got variety..

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Burlap Tea Party Designs

If you know me, you know I love burlap.  It’s great for everything.  Plus, it’s really affordable and so you don’t have to worry about ruining it. I almost always do a design with burlap when I’m working on a new theme.

Chalkboard Tea Party Designs

Chalkboard is something else I love, and I really love how these designs turned out. The teal with the black chalkboard really pops!

Beyond the Invitation

Once you have the invite for the party, you’re off to a great start and ready to start adding little touches to make it even more special. Here’s what I recommend for each party.

However, first things, first, keep it really affordable by using printables, you can access the welcome sign, birthday banner, and thank you card in The Printables Club. Join for a very low monthly rate.

Now, you could go all out (which I completely support) but you don’t have to either. Keep it simple with these 3-4 things:

1. Welcome Sign- people like to know they are in the right place!

Welcome sign available in The Printables Club

2. Banner. Whether it’s happy birthday or something else this will make your house feel party ready.

tea party banner in chalkboard
Tea Party Banner available in The Printables Club

3. Favor tags or stickers. Yeah, I know, do you really need favors? No, of course not, BUT, they are cute and if done right can be used! Plus, if you do this then there’s no real need for thank you cards.

4. Thank you cards. If you’re not going to give favors, then I do believe you should send thank you cards. Just my opinion, but really, it’s polite. Even for a kid’s birthday.

thank you cards for a tea party
Tea party thank you cards available in The Printables Club

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