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11 Fun Donut Birthday Party Invites + Free Printable Decorations

Donut Birthday Party Invites

Birthday party themes are in no short supply, but this one today is extra sweet. I love donuts, so I’m sharing 11 donut birthday party invitations.

Whether your into old-fashioned, rustic, fun-shaped or something else, you’ll be sure to find it below.

Donut Birthday Party

11 Fun Invites

1. Fun-Shaped

The first design is one of my favorite kind to do. I love making fun-shaped invites. For this one, I wanted to do more than just make it a circle, so I added a party hat as well.

Fun-Shaped Donut Birthday Party Invite

2. Chalkboard

Chalkboard is another staple in my designs and this theme is no different. I love the pink on top of the black backing.

Chalkboard Donut Birthday Party Invite

3. Rustic

Another one of my designs I always do is rustic. I did this one with a boy’s birthday party in mind, but it could be for either gender.

Rustic Themed Donut Invite

4. Old-Fashioned

Old-fashioned donuts are delicious, so I had to make an old-fashioned invite.

Old Fashioned Donut Party Invite

5. Sprinkles

Next up, is an invite with all the sprinkles and icing you could want. I personally love sprinkles on my donuts and they are super cute on a party invite.

Donut Party Invite with Sprinkles

6. Donut Miss the Fun

I do love a good word-play for party invites and this next design is one you donut want to miss.

Donut Miss the Fun Party Invite

7. Donut Pajama Party

What’s better than donuts and pajamas? Nothing, that’s what. Tell your guests to wear their favorite pajamas to your party with this invite.

Donuts and Pajamas Birthday Invite

8. A Whole Lot of Fun

We’re back on word play with this design but it’s a whole lot of fun, remember?!

A Whole Lot of Fun Donut Party Invite

9. One is Fun

A first birthday is so fun for the parents because it’s one of the only ones that you get to make all the choices. Your one year old isn’t going to tell you that it has to be Mickey or Star Wars, or what have you.

One is Fun Donut Party Invite

10. Donut You Know Who’s Turning…

Yes, another fun word play. The options are really unlimited.

Fun Donut Themed Invite

11. Donut Grow Up

This last design I made with the “older” child in mind. Just remember you donut have to grow up, and donuts are always a good idea.

Donut Grow Up Birthday Invite

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