The Cutest Christmas Craft You Can Make with Printables

Christmas crafts are one of my favorite things to search for during this holiday season. I love decorating for Christmas. My mom always went all out (and I mean alllll out). We had a real tree, lots of lights, and each room had a theme (santa, snowman, angels), it was fantastic.

She doesn’t go as all out as she used to, but there’s still a lot decorating and I’m working my hardest to be just like her in that regard. It seems when it comes to Christmas, I can’t get enough crafting, and this post is just one of the many items I’ve made this year.

Christmas Craft Idea

Turn the Word “Believe” Into Adorable Characters

Today I’m sharing a how to of one of my more popular Christmas items.

When I started this project I knew I wanted to incorporate different characters into the word, but I had no idea exactly which characters or how.

So I started brainstorming the different parts to the holiday and I channeled my Mom. I thought about her snowman room, her santa room, and her angel room and it just developed from there. The great thing about this is you can change it up!

Maybe there are different parts of the holiday season you love that I didn’t feature, if so, make those part of your decor.  I do hope you love this post and enjoy making your own “believe”.

How Long will it Take & What does it Cost?

I’m not going to lie, this is a time-consuming task. I tend to spend a few hours at least on it, but it depends on how detailed you want it to be.  However, the cost is quite low.  

The believe word is $5.95 at Hobby Lobby and it is the bulk of your project. If you like crafting, it’s quite likely you’ll already have the rest of the items (paint, brushes, mod podge, etc).

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Step By Step Tutorial for “Believe” Decor

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First up, as always, you’ll need to collect your supplies. I’ve listed them out below for you and given you links to access them.  The supplies are also listed in the order you’ll need them.

Believe Word | Spray Paint | Paint & Brushes | Card stock in Multiple Colors |Scissors | Mod Podge with Foam Brushes | Chip Board (optional) | Exacto Knife | Circle Punches (optional)

Step 2: Paint the Back

The first thing you’re going to do is pretty simple and allows for some customization.  You just need to paint the back side of the word “believe”. I used black spray paint but you could use regular paint and do it any color you want. I like black because I feel like it gives the final product a bit of  a “frame” look, but you could do red for more of a Christmas theme or anything else really. Regardless, you’ll end up with something like the following:

How to Christmas Craft: Step 2
Step 2: Paint the Back

Step 3: Paint Each Letter a Different Color

If you want to make each letter a different “character” like the example, you’ll need to paint each one a different color to correspond with the character of your choice.  

Here’s how I did it, but you could mix it up or change the “characters” completely: Red b, White e, Light Green l, Brown i, Blue e, dark green v, and a black e. When you’re done, you should end up with something like this the following.

I also used the black paint to touch up the sides of the believe that didn’t quite get spray painted all the way.

How to Christmas Craft: Step 3
Step 3: Paint each letter a different color

Step 4: Print the Template

Next up, you’ll need our template.  To make it easy for you, I’ve noted in the template which color of card stock to print each image on. Obviously, you can use any color you want but if you’re going for the look of mine, print using the guide on the template.  You can download it here.

Step 4: Print the Free Template
Step 4: Print the Free Template

Step 5: Cut out Pieces from Template Above

For this next step, I highly recommend getting a couple of circle punches.  You can easily make the following items with a circle punch: ornaments for the tree, the fur for the santa hat, the bells for the elf hat and shoes, the reindeer nose, the snowman eyes and button, and the berries for the holly on the snowman’s hat.  This will be much easier than trying to hand cut the circles.  I hand cut the other items, but if you can use a die cut machine if you have one. When you’re done cutting out all the pieces, you should have something similar to the following.

How to Christmas Craft: Step 5
Step 5: Cut out embellishments

Step 6: Paste Certain Pieces to Chipboard & Cut Out

For some of the pieces above, they will hang off the actual word, so I highly recommend mounting them to chip board using mod podge.  I recommend doing this with the following items: santa hat, snowman hat, elf hat, reindeer antlers, angel halo and wines, tree star, and the ornament hanger.  

The remainder of the items are attached directly to the “believe” word and therefore using chip board is unnecessary. You can see in the photos below all the pieces I attached to chip board.

How to Christmas Craft: Step 6
Step 6: Attach Pieces to Chip Board
Cut Out Pieces

Step 7: Attach Pieces to “Believe”

If you’ve followed along so far, you’re now at the part that really makes the word come alive.  You’re going to use the same mod podge to attach all the pieces to each of the letters. Below are several photos showing you where I put each of the pieces, but use your imagination, this is the best part!

How To Christmas Craft: Step 7
Step 7: Attach Pieces using Mod Podge
How To Christmas Craft: Step 7
Santa & Snowman Pieces
How To Christmas Craft: Step 7
Elf Pieces
How To Christmas Craft: Step 7
Reindeer & Angel Pieces
How To Christmas Craft: Step 7
Tree & Ornament Pieces

Step 8: Trim Excess

The final bit of work you may or may not need to do is to trim the excess off the letters. I trimmed both the santa belt on the “b” and the snowflakes on the “e”.

How To Christmas Craft: Step 8
Step 8: Trim Excess
How To Christmas Craft: Step 8

Step 9: Hang & Enjoy

Finally, that’s it, you’re done! Now it’s just time to hang, give a gift, or set it out and enjoy.

The Final Product
The Final Product

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