Christmas Card Decor Idea: How to Easily Display Your Merry Mail

Christmas card decor is something we all need. Like it or not, you’re probably going to get cards in the mail.  Now, I realize some people hate giving and getting cards, but imagine if you had an actual place for them, it would be so much better. I personally love the Christmas card thing, but I’m a graphic designer.

Please don’t stop sending them as I design them for a living. Regardless, I do agree it gets a bit absurd when you send them to people who you can’t remember how you know them. Or when your list starts to exceed 100, it might be time to cut back.

Nevertheless, I’m constantly on a search for ways to display them, and I’d love to have them all in one place. Thus, I’ve decided this Merry Mail sign is my favorite yet. Today I’m sharing an easy tutorial on making this sign. You can find all the supplies you’ll need on Amazon.

Normally, I’d have one for sale as well, but we are traveling soon, so sales on crafts are on hold. However, I’m completely confident you can make this one too.

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Christmas Card Decor: How to Make a Merry Mail Sign

Step 1: Gather your Supplies

Clearly the first thing you’ll need to do is gather supplies. You’ll find them all below. It’s pretty basic things, once you get your wood structure to make it on, everything else is pretty standard.

Wood Frame | Wooden Letters | Spray Paint | Glue | Paint & Brush | Card Stock | ClothespinsScissors

Step 2: Spray Paint the Letters

First actual step you will do is to paint your “merry mail” letters.  I wanted mine to be red and green as well as to be a bit whimsical. Therefore, I found letters from different fonts and did a red and green pattern to mix it up, you can do as you wish.

Christmas Card Decor: Step 1
Spray Paint Your Letters
Christmas Card Decor: Step 1
Paint Your Letters

Step 3: Attach Letters

The next step is to attach the letters. I used hot glue, it’s a favorite of mine. I also think you need to attach these letters next before attaching or painting the other parts, so you know where it will all go.

Christmas Card Decor: Attach Letters
Use Hot Glue to Attach Letters

Step 4: Paint your Light “Cord”

After you have the letters attached, you can paint on your light cord. If you’re worried about free-handing it, use a pencil first to draw it onto the wood.

Step 4: Paint Your Light Cord
Paint Your Light Cord

Step 5: Print and Cut Out your “Lights”

I’ve set up a template for you so you can simply place the image in any document and print as many lights as you need. Tip: Print them on different color paper so you can have all sorts of colors in your lights.

Christmas Lights Template
Christmas Lights Template

Step 6: Attach Lights

Now that you’ve got all your lights printed and cut, it’s time to attach them. You can see below what I’ve done, but have fun with it.

Step 6: Attach Lights
Attach Lights

Step 7: Attach Clothespins

Finally, the whole point of this project is to have a place to display Christmas cards, so you’ll need to attach clothespins around the display in order to have a way to hang your cards. Again, I used hot glue.

Step 7: Attach Clothespins
Attach Clothespins

Step 8: Hang Your Christmas Card Decor

Step 8: Hang and Display
Hang and Display

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