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stencil with a printable

How to Stencil and Adorable Rug with a Printable

Yes, I used a printer and a piece of paper to create this stencilled rug. You don’t have to run out to Hobby Lobby for a stencil you’ll only use once. Plus, they’re lines are out of control there, just stay home and print it. Here’s how it’s done. It’s really

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Super Easy Valentine Games You Can Print & Play at Home

When it comes to games, I’m all about super easy. These games you can print at home and play at home. You need very few supplies too. Mostly just a printer and paper. If you don’t have a printer, send it to your local print shop and get them printed there.

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non candy valentine ideas

Non Candy Valentine Ideas Your Kids will Still Love

It’s after Christmas, after the start of the New Year, right when that “healthy lifestyle” you committed to is getting harder and bam Valentine’s candy. If you’re anything like me, you don’t keep a lot of candy in the house because you’ll eat it in one sitting. That’s why I love

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