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Last Minute Trick or Treat Goodies that Aren’t Candy

It’s last minute, you’ve just found out you’re supposed to have trick or treat bags for the school party tomorrow. But there’s a catch. Because of allergy issues, it’s best not to take candy or food of any kind. What are you going to do? Even Amazon can’t get them to

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How to Make One of a Kind Gifts on Your Phone with Printables

Do you know those people you see on instagram that have those massive craft rooms? You know, the ones where all the paper is color coordinated, and there’s every craft tool you’ve never heard of neatly organized? That’s not who I designed my Printables Club for. One thing I hear from

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The Easiest Halloween Treat Bags You will Ever Make

You’ve got a lot going on, especially around the holidays. Sure, you see cute things you could do for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, but sometimes you just don’t have the time. You just don’t. That is the biggest reason I created the Printables club. To save you time and money. Inside you’ll

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