What to Give for Each Anniversary Milestone to Make Your Life Easy

Anniversary Ideas for every milestone

Anniversary ideas are something I look for often, and milestones are a great time to celebrate the one you. Really, any Anniversary milestone is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated as such. Whether your first or your 50th, I truly believe in taking the time to celebrate your love. My own anniversary was just […]

The Ultimate List of Graduation Ideas Perfect Every Year

graduation ideas

You won’t wear your high school ring after high school. I’m actually a little embarrassed I made my parents buy me one. Your letter jacket will probably sit in a closet forever. However, this I worked hard for, so while it’s going to sit in my closet, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s meaningful to […]

Unique Graduation Invites: 20 New Themes to Celebrate the Grad

Unique Graduation Invites

It’s harder to find unique graduation invites than you might think. Don’t get me wrong, there are heaps of gorgeous invites out there for graduation. However, I keep finding the same basic ideas, gold and black or black and white. These are great ideas, and I have a few of those myself because they work […]

How to Make an Animal Themed Party More Adorable

Animal Themed Party Invites

Animal themed party invites are so much fun because the options are endless.  I also get to make designs in fun shapes and that is one of my favorite things to create.   Today I’m sharing 10 designs for animal themed party invites.  However, these invites aren’t just for kids parties, I’ve also got a […]

5 Football Party Items to Easily Create an Adorable Celebration

Football Party Ideas

If you caught my last post, it was about 10 football invites for any party, if you missed it, you can check it out here.  Well, I love football season so much that today I’m sharing 5 football party items to easily add to your party.  With each idea, I’m giving away a free graphic […]

Handmade Anniversary Gifts You’ll Actually Love Giving

Printable Anniversary Gifts

No matter how long you’ve been together, finding the right gift for the one you love can suck.  Sure, you can always go the gift card route but is that really meaningful? I mean, you’re supposed to be showing how much you love the person. But I get it. It can be hard to come […]

Anniversary Cards to Make You + the Recipient Laugh

Anniversary Cards

How do you feel about funny cards? Do you prefer to keep it serious or do you love the laugh? I have a hard time being serious, and whenever my anniversary (or any holiday, really) rolls around, I tend to go for the funny card.  With that in mind, I’ve designed new anniversary cards with […]

Free Fishing Party Graphics that will Make Your Celebration “Reel” Fun!

Fishing Invites

You know what makes the perfect birthday party theme? What your kiddo loves. Really, choose something they love doing, or a hobby. One time I had a customer request a lemon invite. Why? Her kiddo loved lemons. So why not? There’s loads of adorable themes out there and today I’m sharing a personal favorite of […]