Graduation Printables That Won’t Embarrass You in 10 Years

Graduation Party Ideas

There’s all kinds of ideas out there for graduation, but one thing is for sure, styles change. We all know this from those lovely school photos that things change. That’s why I’ve gathered together all my classic graduation designs. These will always be in style and won’t date you! 😉 These graduation printables are a […]

How to Plan an Adorable Tea Party Birthday

plan a birthday tea party

When I was little, I remember going to a birthday “par-TEA” or tea party birthday party. It was so cute, and probably one of the only birthday parties I remember from my youth.   We had little bells to ring when we needed more tea (which I don’t think was really tea but who knows). […]

The Cutest Love Bug First Birthday for a Little Girl

love bug birthday

My new favorite theme lately is the Love Bug First Birthday theme. A love bug birthday party is so easy to do and there’s load.. This first birthday party and photoshoot was so much fun. I’m sharing three set-ups I did for the photoshoot and 5 different designs. You can find all the invites in […]