Incredibly Unique Graduation Caps You Can Customize Online

graduation caps

Why do we wear those funny hats at graduation? Have you ever wondered that? I do, every time I see them. Plus, those robes… what’s that all about? Well, if you’re like me and you enjoy knowing why we do the things we do… then this is for you. I’ve done my research to help […]

1st Birthday Decorations You’ll Love to Keep Forever

first birthday party decorations

Look, it’s a 1st birthday. It’s more for mom and/or dad than it is for baby. They can even be a bit controversial. Is it worth it to spend money on a first birthday? I mean, as Chandler says, “If only she were one and didn’t know what the hell a birthday was.” However, I’m […]

How to Have an Adorable Circus Party on a Budget

how to have a circus party on a budget

Searching for a fun, unique, and gender neutral birthday party theme? Consider the circus. It’s perfect for kiddos. But…. think you can’t have an adorable party without breaking the bank? I get it. I’m here to show you how to create an adorable circus party on a budget. But really… these tips can be used […]