Valentine’s Cards for Teachers They’ll Actually Want & Love

teacher valentine gifts

Valentine’s day gets a bad rap. I I’ve never really understood the hatred for this holiday. I get if you’re single it can seem a bit lonely, but it’s not about just couples. Even when I was single, I still had people in my life that I loved. Now, believe it or not, teachers get […]

Valentine Kid’s Games that Double as Class Party Gifts

valentine kid's activities

It can be a struggle to get into the Valentine spirit. It’s just far enough past Christmas where the bills are rolling in and it can seem like a lot of work to celebrate another holiday but those class parties aren’t going anywhere. So, today I thought I’d share a few kid’s games you can […]

The Best Valentine’s Crafts for Kid’s Activities

valentine crafts for kids

I truly believe Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. It’s really just about showing love. It doesn’t have to be just about couples. I think it’s a fun holiday for kids especially and a great way to get out of those post-Christmas-blues if you have them. However, if you’re feeling a bit stressed over trying […]