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spring wedding invites

How to Love Your Spring Wedding Invites without Increasing Cost

Spring has arrived and with it the flowers. If you’re planning a spring wedding, I’m going to guess you love the flowers too. So… why not incorporate them into your invites? No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Use floral graphics for your spring wedding invites. Side note: If you need

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love themed bridal shower games

The Perfect Couples Shower Games for a Love Themed Party

How do you feel about couples showers? I actually think they can be fun if you do them right. Have games both sexes will enjoy and maybe save the gift-opening for later. Also, include alcohol, that’s always a good idea. 😉 February is the perfect time for a couples bridal shower.

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Do you need these free bridal shower games?

Do You Need Bridal Shower Games or Not?

I have a confession to make: I really don’t like bridal shower games. I know, crazy, right? Well here’s the thing, I just think some can be so cheesy and a bit awkward. Chances are, you might not know everyone at your (or your friend/family member’s) shower so guessing what someone’s

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