The Best Themed Bridal Shower Ideas with Matching Games

20 New Bridal Shower Games

Lately I’ve been feeling like all my bridal shower games are becoming a bit tired. Therefore, I decided it was time for new bridal shower games.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of them I still think are fun and timeless, but I wanted some fresh ideas for new themed bridal shower ideas. Today I’m […]

Nautical Bachelorette Items for a Last Sail Before the Veil You’ll Love

Last Sail before the Veil

If you’re looking for a fun, off-beat bachelorette theme that also goes well with summer, then this is for you. The Last Sail before the Veil is the perfect answer to get you outside and into your favorite swim trunks for a nautical bachelorette. Today, I want to share my ideas to help you make […]

How to Have the Best Luau Bridal Shower with Printables

luau bridal shower

Think fun is only for the bachelorette party? Think again. Bridal showers don’t have to be stuffy. You don’t have to sit uncomfortably in a random living room. You can do whatever you want. Really, it’s allowed. Plan a fun luau bridal shower with these ideas. Today I’m focusing on the Bridal Shower. I love, […]