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The Best Way to Countdown to Christmas with Your Kids

How many more days ’till Christmas? Can we open presents? How about just one? When do we make cookies? Is Santa coming yet? Do your kids ever say these things to you? Is it slightly annoying? Of course it is. I know you want to make memories during the holiday season,

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How to Make Everyone Happy this Holiday Season

Love it or hate it ’tis the season for fun Christmas games, crafts and activities! They are perfect for the holiday business party, the white elephant gift exchange, or simply family fun around Christmas. Today I’m sharing fun Christmas games perfect for families (but are also friend and business friendly) you

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3 Easy Ways to Make Tags from Any Printable

Christmas tags are one of those things that when you run out, it’s annoying. Or, you know you bought some but where the heck are they? That’s why I’m showing you 3 simple ways to use any printable and make it into a gift tag. Print Them Smaller The first and

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