Candy Heart Crafts that are Too Easy and Too Cute

super easy candy heart crafts

This valentine tutorial is one you will love with your whole heart. Sorry, I had to go there.  But really, I’m sharing a super easy candy heart crafts you can make in under an hour.  

I love these little candy look-alike hearts and you can add your own touch with our optional extras below.  Add sticks to them and put them in a bouquet, or add ribbon to hang them, or even magnets to the back to make them stick.

The options are really endless and they are just too cute. I love anything I can make quickly so this one was a no-brainer. Craft number two is a super fun way to use our free printable along with these easy hearts.

candy heart crafts

Two Easy Candy Heart Crafts

Take the candy hearts a step farther and use the candy hearts to make the second craft. Once you’ve got the hearts, the rest can be done super quickly as well.

Before we get to the tutorial. If you’re in need of printables for your crafts, check The Printables Club. It’s got 1000s of designs for all celebrations.

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Candy Hearts in Under an Hour

1. Gather Supplies

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is gather your supplies. You don’t need many for this, just a few to make the hearts and then you can add others if you so desire.

Must Have: Wooden Hearts | Paint | Letter Stickers

2. Only Two Steps

The steps for this project are so easy, there’s only two!

  1. First up, you’ll need to spray paint the hearts. I used 4 different colors, but you could use as many as you desire.
  2. Next, you’ll add letter stickers to make them say anything you want.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras: Ribbon | Hot Glue | Wood Sticks | Magnetic Sheets

There are three optional extras I’m going to share with you as well. One, you could add sticks to the back with hot glue and put them in a bouquet.  Two, add ribbon and hang them anywhere. Third, and finally, add magnets to the back and pop them on the fridge.

Valentine's Tutorial on candy hearts
Add sticks to the candy hearts and put in a vase with flowers.

Valentine Sign Using Candy Hearts

Now that you’ve made the candy hearts, here’s another fun way to use them. Download the freebie at the bottom of the page, then simply attach to a background of your choice and attach your hearts.

Gather Supplies Again

This time, you’ve already got the hearts. So, get those and a couple of other things.

Use one of my fun freebies to attach to a piece of wood. Then, you’ll attach the hearts. I’m including a video of how I attach my designs to wooden backgrounds. You’ll need to get a wooden back as well as print your choice of design.

If you need some ideas on what to use for your background, check out this post on easy valentine’s decor. There’s some freebies in there you can download instantly. Then just print slightly larger than your background and attach. Check the bottom of the post for the free gnomes.

wooden back | photo paper | Quick Dry Glue | Hot Glue

3 Easy Steps

  1. Attach your printed design to the wooden board. I like to use a quick dry glue for this. The video below has it attached to a different background, but you get the idea.
Step 1: Attach your chosen design to the wooden backdrop.

2. Let dry then trim the edges with an exacto knife

3. Attach hearts

It’s really that easy!

easy gnome valentine decor
Use the candy hearts on the free printable for cute Valentine decor

Create Your Own Valentine’s

Ready to start crafting your own valentine’s?

If you’re looking for the gnomes you can find that as well by signing up below. Get them for every season!

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