At Home School Supplies Both Kids and Parents Need

back to school supplies that are funny

Back to school is definitely going to look a bit different this year. Will there be masks? Will kids wear them? (ummm no). There’s lots of unanswered questions about what it’s going to look like, but it’s definitely not going to be “normal”.

Some kids will probably be home schooled. No one really knows, but one thing is for sure, you’ll still need at home school supplies too.

Today I’m sharing school supplies you can personalize and order online. Start the school year off right with supplies your kids will actually want to use. Get them excited about studying and homework (well as excited as you can be) with products they can design themselves.

I loved making my notebooks, binders, folders, and more personalized and more “me” and this would have made that all the more easy. Check out these products to personalize online.

Since this year is going to be so different, I’ve added a few supplies for parents as well. We all need a bit of humor right now.

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Personalized School Supplies

Spiral Notebook

First up are these spiral notebooks. Each one was designed to inspire you, even on the toughest days. You can never have to many so be sure you get one of each. You can change the quotes to anything you want!

Spiral notebooks for back-to-school.
Spiral notebooks for back-to-school.

Life is Tough | Dull Your Sparkle | World Domination


One item I had to have year after year in grade school was binders. I loved to get the ones with the clear front sleeve so I could put pictures in them. However, these below are better than that. Upload your own photos to make a unique binder for your school year.

Adventure themed back-to-school binder
Adventure themed back-to-school binder


You can’t really do anything in school or business without something to write with. These pens make it fun. Personalize them with your own unique message.

Pens no one will steal for back-to-school
Pens no one will steal for back-to-school


When a binder is just too much, you turn to folders. Make them pretty and unique with these designs. Change the colors and fonts to fit your personality. No one else will have them!

Travel themed folders for home, school, or office
Travel themed folders for home, school, or office

Dry Erase Board

Do people still decorate the inside of their lockers? I sure hope so. I loved doing this in middle school and high school. Check out these custom dry erase boards you can get. Personalize them with literally any design.

Floral Dry Erase Board for school locker
Floral Dry Erase Board for school locker

Pencil Case

Finally, these last products were made in an effort to keep things light. Store your pencils, pens, in these fun cases designed to make you laugh.

Funny pencil cases for back-to-school
Funny pencil cases for back-to-school

Mint Case | Coral Case

Fun Supplies for Parents

We’ve established it’s going to be different, so maybe it’s the year to buy school supplies for parents. I’ve got you covered with these ideas below.

Yard Sign

Maybe you’re going to home school this year and maybe it’s wearing on you a bit. It’s okay to add some humor to your yard with this fun sign.

If you see my kids locked outside today, mind your business, we're having a fire drill. Get it on a sign for the yard
Get a funny yard sign for home schooling


This notebook is not for everyone but if you like a bit of crude humor, then you can be friends with me. Perfect for those days that are just bleh.

Funny notepad with "list of crap I don't want to do"
This notepad makes a great to-do list helper.

Planning Should Be Fun.

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