6 Adorable Travel Wedding Invites You’ll Love + Free Bridal Shower Game

Travel Wedding Invites

I always thought I’d have a destination wedding. And then I didn’t. My husband wanted all the friends and family around. So I had to change what I thought I’d love to have. Instead, I decided to add a little travel to the theme of our wedding. 

Whether you are getting that destination wedding, or you’re just adding travel touches to your big day, you’ll find some inspiration below.

I’ve got 6 ideas on the wedding invites I want to share with you lovely people. A lot of times people assume the travel theme has to be just a map or go all out, and that’s an option, but you can go subtle as well.

Below you will find 6 different design ideas for travel wedding invites.  You can go full on travel with these designs, or hold back a bit, whichever you prefer.

Travel Wedding Invites

1. Vintage Map

The first one I want to share takes you all the way into the travel theme. Go all out with a map background.  I love all things vintage and old so I used this type of theme for my wedding.  The maps can be used for so many things. Have people mark where they’re from on one as a guest book even!

2. Passport

You can’t go wrong with a Passport themed invite for a destination or travel wedding. This idea can work with any color scheme. I love using iconic buildings to pull in the travel aspect. From the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building, they all put that extra special touch on the design. I used a simple sketch of the world for the background as well.

3. Retro

Now this idea is similar to the previous one, but just a bit more colorful.  Go retro with the invites! For this, I was inspired by colors from old retro travel posters. I love using all the colors together with simple icons.

4. Classic Air Mail

If you love travel, you can’t go wrong with the classic air mail approach.  Perfect with for a vintage wedding feel as well.  I used the red and blue color scheme throughout my designs, but you could change-up the colors as well for the same effect.

5. Rustic

This idea is my personal favorite of mine.  I do enjoy a good rustic design, I think it’s the Texan in me. You can add colors to the design if you prefer more than the classic black shown here. However, the rustic with black will go with any colors or style.

6. Metallic

The last idea I want to share is very simple.  It has just a touch of travel with a classic feel.  These invites will never go out of style and you’ll love them for years to come.  I’ve used metallic gold to make the airplane and titles of the designs but any color could work.  The simple airplane design is classic and can be matched with so many different styles.

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