Amazing Save the Date Magnets for Every Wedding Theme

New Calendar Save the Date Magnets

Save the Date Magnets

One wedding trend that seems to never go out of style no matter how many years pass is the save the date magnets. The great thing about them is people will automatically put it them on the fridge as soon as they get them. I love making them as well, it’s one of my favorite wedding-related items to create.

Each year about this time, I design a few new ones and this year is no different. I’m sharing 50 save the date magnets today.

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Wedding Themes

I love a good wedding theme, and I’ve created each of these magnet save the dates below with different themes in mind. From tropical to rustic, glam to hippie, princess to minimalist, you’ll find unique designs below.

Beach & Tropical

Right now I’m cozied-up with a blanket on my lap so it’s hard to think about the beach and tropics, but nevertheless that’s the first theme I’m sharing.

Photo Background

The first beach-themed design is one placed on an actual photo of the ocean. This photo was taken on a beach in Australia, so if you’re looking for a true-beach feel, then this is for you.

Fun Shaped

Everyone loves a good shell the beach and this design highlights that love.


You really can’t have the beach without the waves, right?

Written in the Sand

You can’t see sand-writing without thinking about the beach so why not have a custom design made with your names in the sand.


Finally, this last beach-themed save the date magnet is watercolor. The blues bring to mind the ocean and its beautiful colors.

Bling & Glam

The next category is for all of you that love metallic. Silver, gold, rose gold, and glitter are a popular trend this coming year and they make for lovely save the date magnets.

Rose Gold

First for the bling and glam is this rose gold design. The color is a lovely shade of pink without being too over the top.

  • rose gold magnet

Gold Metallic

If you’re not into pink, but love the metallic look try gold metallic instead.

Country & Barn

I’m no stranger to this next category and it’s never hard for me to come up with ideas for the country and barn wedding. Though maybe not as popular as it was a few years ago, in Texas, it’s always popular.

Burlap Background

The first design for the country wedding has a burlap background. There’s just something about burlap and barns that go perfectly together.


Next up is a fun mason-jar-shaped design perfect for the fun, country themed wedding.

24. Rustic Photo

Finally, for the last design, use your photo to display a country feel in your save the date magnets. Make a plan to have your photographer do engagement photos in front of a barn or wear your fun cowboy boots for the day.

Destination & Travel

The destination and travel theme is one I personally adore. I didn’t have a destination wedding but I had always thought I would. Therefore, since it wasn’t in the cards for me, I decided to incorporate a little bit of travel into my wedding theme. That means, I’m no stranger to the travel-themed designs.


First up is a fun airplane-shaped save the date magnet.

Vintage Map

If you’re a fan of all things vintage, then this next one is for you. This design features a vintage map background perfect for the destination wedding.


This next design features bold “airmail” colors perfect for the blue and red wedding.


Finally, keep the design simple with these airplane graphics.

Garden & Outdoors

I love a good outdoor wedding, so this next category is especially fun for me. If you’re getting married outside or just love floras then discover these gardens designs below.

32. Black & White Outline

First up, this design may seem a little off for a garden theme, but the basic black and white floras are simple and beautiful. Even if you’re getting married with a garden theme, you can still do black and white if that’s your fancy.

33. Greenery

I love how these greenery accents look for a simple, classic, garden theme for this design.

34. Large Flora’s

Nothing says garden or outdoors quite like large floras and these save the date magnets are perfect for matching your wedding bouquet.

35. Garden Lights

Another idea for a garden wedding is to do it at night and if so, you’ll need lights. This garden lights design was created with the evening wedding in mind.

36. Rose Gold

While I’ve used rose gold before in the metallic section it also works here. It just looks so lovely with the greenery accents.

37. Southwestern Cactus

This next design is for all my southern friends. The south is full of cacti and they make for adorable save the dates perfect for the outdoor wedding as well.

38. Watercolor

I know that watercolor has been used before but it’s great for this theme as well.  The blue colors remind me of the afternoon sky.


Keep it simple with this next category.  These designs were made for simple, classic wedding.

39. Black and White

First up, you can’t have minimalist or classic without black and white.

40. Simple Cursive

Keep it fun with this next design. Let your friends and family know it’s time to save the date.

41. Bold Colors

You can still have bold colors with a minimalist design. Use a solid background with clean type and you can’t go wrong.

42. Large Names

A super easy way to create a clean, classic look is to simply put your names large on the magnet with a simple cursive font.

43. We Do

If you’re going for a minimalist feel, then keep it minimal with the wording as well. Just let your friends and family know that you’re getting married with a simple “we do.”

44. Personal Photo

Finally, you can still add a photo to a minimalist design. Keep the photo simple and make it the entire magnet like the save the date below.

Royal Fairytale & Princess

This last theme takes us back to all those fairytale weddings we may or may not have dreamed about as kids. If you’re a prince or princess at heart then these are for you.

45. Antique Accents

An easy way to incorporate the royal feel is with antique or ornate accents.

46. Royal Blue

Nothing says royal quite like royal blue, right? this design focuses on color to create the royal theme.

47. Scroll-Shaped

Here ye, here ye, announce your wedding with a scroll shaped design and wording designed for the royalist of affairs.

48. Carriage

This next design is definitely for the royal or princess wedding. There’s no better way to show your elegance than with a carriage design on your save the date magnets.

49. Once Upon a Time

If you’re looking for a royal theme but don’t want to use imagery, then these next two are for you. Use “once upon a time” wording to announce your wedding day.

50. Happily Ever After

Finally, this last design really sums up all weddings and is the perfect way to announce your royal-themed wedding. Or, it’s really perfect for any wedding.

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