Handmade Anniversary Gifts You’ll Actually Love Giving

Printable Anniversary Gifts

No matter how long you’ve been together, finding the right gift for the one you love can suck.  Sure, you can always go the gift card route but is that really meaningful?

I mean, you’re supposed to be showing how much you love the person. But I get it. It can be hard to come up with something unique. And quite frankly, just not possible.

These gift ideas will make your life easy, but will be something they will cherish forever.  They work as wedding gifts for a couple as well. If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can find them pre-printed and shipped right to you as well.

Anniversary or Wedding Gift Ideas You Could Hand Make

1. Wine Bottle Labels

The first idea is wine bottle labels.  I love wine, so this is one of my favorites! They have wedding milestones on them so you and your loved one can enjoy a bottle on each of these special days.

Wine Bottle Tags
Wine Bottle Tags

2. Love Coupons

Next up is love coupons.  Even though this isn’t really a new idea, it’s classic and that’s always a good idea.  If you don’t want to make your own, just I’ve got you covered with these.

  1. Back Rub
  2. Home cooked meal
  3. Cleaning an area in the home of their choice
  4. Breakfast in bed
  5. Foot massage
  6. Eat at the restaurant of their choice
  7. Master of the remote for a day,
  8. Outdoor adventure of their choice,
  9. Car DJ for a day,
  10. Doing a load of laundry
Love Coupons
Love Coupons

3. Date Night Ideas

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with something new to do together.  So this idea creates a backlog of ideas to go to whenever you need.  This works really well if you have guests at a wedding shower fill in their ideas for the couple. Or if you’re making it for your loved one, create 12 ideas (one for each month) to give them .

Date Night Ideas
Date Night Ideas

4. Home Decoration

For this idea, there are so many different choices out there. I think it’s beautiful to have something in the home that represents the couples love (besides just photos).  I love the ones that have special dates displayed or locations you’ve lived.

Wedding Gift Home Decor
Wedding Gift Home Decor

5. 100 Reasons Why I Love You

Finally, last up is 100 reason why I love you. There’s definitely got to be a lot of reason why you married them right? List them all out for them and they’ll never forget it.  To make your life easier, I’ve created a template for you to fill in. Now you just have to come up with the reasons, no pressure!

100 Reasons Why I Love You
100 Reasons Why I Love You- Click to Download Now!

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