How to Find the Perfect Saying for a Sailing Themed Birthday

Planning a nautical themed party but don’t know where to start? Sometimes the best place can be with a cute saying.

Nautical sayings are so much fun, and easy to add to your party.  Whenever I make new invites for sale, I always try to focus on a theme. Then, before I even start to design, I find sayings to go with the theme. This helps me with my design process and creating quality products.  

Today I want to share nautical sayings ideas for a birthday invites. You’ll see the saying, why I love it, and the design it created.

5 Nautical Sayings

1. Let’s set sail and have some fun!

Why I love it: This one rhymes well with “one” so it works perfectly for a first birthday.

2. Ships Ahoy, look who’s a big boy!

Why I love it: The rhyming with “big boy” is my favorite. It also makes me think of the cookies, chips ahoy, and you could use them at the party as well (just change the name to “ships”).

3. The first year has sailed by… come on over for waves of fun.

Why I love it: This saying is great because it incorporates both how old the birthday boy or girl is and an invite.  This allows you to use the theme more than once with the invite language.

4. Anchors away and ships ahoy, let’s celebrate the birthday boy.

Why I love it: It uses two different nautical sayings which is great, while again rhyming with “boy”.

5. She’s (he’s) cute and bubbly and waves of fun, our little Jessica is turning one!

Why I love it: This one is gender neutral which is great and it’s also subtle.  If you don’t love the “ships ahoy” or “anchors away” sayings because they’re a bit too nautical, this is a great alternative while still keeping the theme with the word “waves”.

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