5 Gender Reveal Sayings for a Rustic Country Themed Party

Country Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular. I pretty much see every person I know do something to “reveal” what they are having.  Any reason for a party right?

Today I’m sharing 5 ideas I’ve seen (and therefore developed into invites) for a cowboy/girl themed gender reveal.

Before we get to that, if you’re into the whole rustic/burlap feel, check out our last post on a rustic little man baby shower.

Below you’ll find 5 sayings that are perfect for a country themed baby reveal.  I’m sharing products I love with each one as well as designs you can find on Zazzle.

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5 Gender Reveal Sayings for a Country Theme

1. Cowboy or Cowgirl

Cowboy or Cowgirl Gender Reveal Invite
Cowboy or Cowgirl Invite

Starting with the obvious, cowboy or cowgirl, it’s simple and adorable. I love being able to use cowboy/girl boots.

2. Boots or Bows

Boots or Bows Gender Reveal Invite
Boots or Bows Invite

Next up gets more specific, boots or bows.  I love a good alliteration and this one is super easy.  Making boots and bows would be super easy.

3. Buck or Doe

Buck or Doe Gender Reveal Invite
Buck or Doe Invite

Now getting even more specific, I love this buck or doe idea. What’s really great is this piñata that is filled with the color of the gender.

Buck or Doe Piñata
Buck or Doe Piñata

Add these stickers to your party for the guests to share what they think the baby will be. You could also make them at home with our free graphics.

Buck or Doe Stickers
Buck or Doe Stickers

4. Guns or Glitter

Guns or Glitter Gender Reveal Invite
Guns or Glitter Invite

This idea is definitely for the hard-core rustic, country theme. Guns or glitter is another alliteration I love.

5. Bows or Arrows

Bows or Arrows Gender Reveal Invite
Bows or Arrows Invite

This last idea is perfect for those who want something country, but not too country, if you know what I mean. Bows or Arrows is great because you can make it as rustic or as simple as you want. You’ll see the cake topper below isn’t super rustic, but the invite above adds the burlap to make it a bit more rustic. You can go either way with this one.

Bows or Arrows Cake Topper
Bows or Arrows Cake Topper

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