Five Fun Father's Day Cards

A couple weeks ago I shared my mother’s day cards for the year a bit late so with the dads, I’m being a little better on my timing. Father’s day is coming in June and I’ve got 5 father’s day cards you must have. You can download instantly and then just print and give. I’ve also got free graphics on the Journey Junkies page so make your own! If you’re not a member, you can sign up here.

5 Must Have Father’s Day Cards


First up for the father’s day cards is this fun classic card. If you’re dad likes to keep things simple, then this card is definitely for you.

Classic Father's Day Card
Classic Father’s Day Card

From the Spouse

Besides getting cards from the kids on Father’s day, there’s also the spouse that should give a card.

Father's Day Card from the Spouse
Father’s Day Card from the Spouse

From the Kids

For father’s day, you definitely are going to need a card from the kids. Or you’re going to need to give one to your dad. Remind him that he did a great job raising you, since you’re so awesome.

Father's Day Card from the Kids
Father’s Day Card from the Kids


I absolutely love funny cards. I pretty much can’t do anything else. Keep it light this father’s day with this funny card.

Funny Father's Day Card
Funny Father’s Day Card

New Dad

Finally, this last card is for the new dad or the dad to be. You could even announce your pregnancy with this card. The first father’s day is a super special time so don’t forget to celebrate dad that first year.

Father's Day Card for the New Dad
Father’s Day Card for the New Dad


Download free father's day graphics on the Journey Junkies page

If you want to make your own cards for dad then head over to the Journey Junkies page. You can download free graphics and if you’re not a member, sign up here.

5 Fun Father’s Day Cards You Must Have

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