5 Easy Steps to Get Organized Each Month with Fun Printables

5 steps to organizing your monthly goals

Probably my biggest goal for any new year is always to stay organized and on top of my other goals. Especially for my business. This year, I’m actually taking it a step further and hiring help to get my website and business to run more on auto-pilot.

Clarity is definitely my vision for the year. With that, each month, I’ll be adding planning printables to my Printables club. They’ll be themed by the month and include everything you need to set off on the right foot. Snag them all for as little as $9.

5 steps to organization
5 steps to organization

5 Steps to Monthly Organization with Printables

Each of the printables are carefully designed to walk you through your goals whatever they may be. It can be health related, work related, hobby related, you name it. So let’s get to it, here’s the 5 steps for organizing your month and the printables you’ll need to do it.

Start with an Overall Calendar

step one for monthly organization
Step 1: Start with the Month as a Whole

I always try to take some time at the very end of the current month to think about what went right and what didn’t. I’m a big planner, so nothing makes me happier than a blank slate that I can plug things into. That’s why with each of these printables, you’ll find a blank month.

Use this to set your appointments, goals, or certain events and tasks that take place each month. You’ll flush it out more in the second printable.

Hang this calendar where you can see it and use pencil to fill it in. That way, if things change, events get canceled, etc, you can erase.

Move on to Your Monthly Goals

step two: make a list of 3 big goals
Step Two: Make 3 Big Goals

Now that you have your appointments/events/daily tasks all on the calendar you think about those goals. Start with your vision. What are these goals you’re doing trying to accomplish.

For instance, my vision is to separate my photo business website from my design website. My goals for the month of February are to get the branding board done, portfolio currated, and verbaige written for the main pages.

When you start working on how you’re going to smash your goals, your vision is what you should keep in mind. That final result will keep you going.

Before moving on to your weekly goals, hang this in a place where you’ll see it often during the month.

Now it’s time to Create Weekly Goals

Step Three: Break down Goals by the Week
Step Three: Use Action Steps to Plan Your Week

These next two printables are ones I keep on my desk as I use them for my work goals.

Let’s talk weekly goals now. Take those three goals from your month above and break them down further. Use the action steps that you created for each of the monthly goals.

Here’s what I mean

  • Decide which of those action steps you’re going to tackle that week and put them in the “most important tasks” at the top of the printable.
  • Fill in the week with your appointments and daily tasks.
  • When you see all the things you have to do each day you can fill in the space with your action steps.

You’ve got your week laid out ahead of you, it’s time to get down to the real nitty gritty.

Break it Down by Day

Step four: Plan your days each week
Step four: Plan your days each week

At the end of each week, on Friday afternoons, I try to print out 5 of my daily task printables. If I have time, I will fill in what I know is coming the next week. This helps me start Monday off well.

If I don’t have time, that’s okay, I leave the printables on my desk for first thing Monday morning. This gets me back into work mode.

For this one, I have literally put the hours of the day on the printable so that I can see what order things need to be done it to best accomplish it all. It also means I can add in my yoga, runs, etc that I want worked into my day.

Based on what your most important tasks were for your “weekly goals” you can break those apart into even smaller “to dos” and add them to the printable. Additionally, move the “most important tasks” from the week and put them on certain days.

You’ll see each day has three “most important tasks” and each week has 4 of them. This was on purpose. That way, you have room to spread them out and have space for other tasks that aren’t necessarily related to your goals but have to get done regardless. Like, don’t forget to pick up your kid. 😉

Finally, Add Some Fun!

Step Five: Add some fun!
Step Five: Add some fun!

Finally, this last step is really for fun. I include printable stickers, or icons, or labels, or whatever you want to call them to add some fun to your planner. If you have a planner already, you can use these to add flair.

You can also use them with the goals lists and monthly overview for fun stuff. For instance, instead of just writing “birthday” you can use the cake sticker to show there’s a birthday that day. Get it? Cute, huh?

Download the Printables

Now that you know how to get organized, it’s time to download the printables. You can snag February below by signing up for the make it meaningful club.

You can leave at anytime but new printables are added each month and you’ll get new organization printables toward the end of each month for the upcoming month. They’re cute, themed, and super helpful.

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