5 Perfect Baby Shower Themes for Twins + Free Graphics

Twin Baby Shower Themes

Having twins means double of everything, double diapers, double toys, and best of all double the love! Give a baby shower that really showcases the twins with one of these great shower themes for twins below.

The thing about twins, is that you can either make it completely about them (such as two peas in a pod) or you can just adjust the wording a bit on the invites to change-up a classic theme (such as owls).  Keep reading to find out more.

Find out how you can get the free baby graphics at the bottom of the page.

Each one of these designs can also be made into a birthday party theme. Or really, any event. They are fully customizable.

5 Baby Shower Themes for Twins

1. Two Peas in a Pod

The first twin theme I’m sharing is one I see a lot but its too adorable not to share. The two peas in a pod theme is perfect for twins and it’s gender neutral as well, which is always great. I also found this awesome cake tutorial by Cakewhiz that shows you how to make an adorable two peas cake.

2. Two Little Monkeys (Jumping on the Bed)

Monkeys are always fun for a baby shower. Again, it’s gender neutral so it can be made into a girl, boy, or both! Popular baby room decor is a safari theme which can then work well with the monkeys.  For this one, why not use the old nursery rhyme everyone knows?!

3. Double Trouble

I said it before, but there’s double of everything! Yes, that means double trouble as well.

4. Whoo Whoo… There’s Two (Owls)

Another idea is to go with owls.  Owls are also a popular baby room decor idea and with a little invite wording you can make it the perfect twin theme for the shower!

5. Sugar & Spice (& Twice as Nice)

This one is just for the girls.  I love the nursery rhyme about sugar and spice and it can easily be made into wording about twins.

Get the awesome baby graphics for free. They are Designed by Fruepik, one of my favorites!

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