Recently I was headed to a football game with my nephew and I asked him if he was excited about it. He told me “no, because he didn’t want to listen to all that yelling.”

Now, I can’t do much about that, I did decide to come up with 4 printable games we could play together. Two of them can be played over and over by the same people. Because of this, I also decided to laminate one. You’ll see why I didn’t laminate the other later.

However, laminating and then using dry erase markers to play the game is a super easy way to not have to print a ton of them. You can use them over and over.

Printable Football Games

You can download each of these games below in a printable bundle or join the Make it Meaningful Printables Club for 500 downloads and counting.

Paper Football

I’ll start with the most obvious and simple. Paper football. Now, you could just make this with regular paper, but what’s the fun in that? If you print this one and fold according to directions, you’ll have a much cuter paper football.

paper football template
Make a cute paper football with this template

What’s Your Game Day Name

This game is a fun one to share on social media. You don’t even need to print it. Just share what your name would be and bring in others for more fun.

what's your game day name
Find out your game day name with this fun little printable

Are You Ready for Some Football?

This next game is a fun one to play over and over. You connect the dots to make squares and see who ends up with the most points. Footballs are worth a touchdown (6 points) and goal posts are a field goal (3 points). However, be sure to read the instructions carefully, because there’s a catch with the helmets!

are you ready for some football connect the dots game
Connect the dots with this fun game you can play over and over

Say What?

There’s a lot of fun sayings in football. See if you can unscramble the words using the images that coordinate to their letter. But make sure you look closely, there’s similar symbols!

fill in the blanks football game
Fill in the blanks with this cute picture game.

How to Reuse Games

Now that you’ve got the games, there’s a way to reuse them without having to print them over and over. A great way to reuse games that you write on is to laminate them. Don’t have a laminator hanging around? Me neither. There’s two other ways to do this.

  1. Send that game over to any office supply store, you don’t have to do everything!
  2. Pick up laminate sheets. These are full sheets that simply stick to the front of the paper. They are surprisingly easy to use too.
laminating sheets
laminating sheets require no machine!

4 Printable Football Games Super Easy to Play Anywhere
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